Covenyi the hospital with missing CT and ventilation – was deployed in Kamensk in the shortest possible time. What was the most difficult?

Konstantin Fetisov: the Task before us the President and the Governor was put firmly: by the end of April to open the first line davidnyc hospitals. Us on dedicated money, it was necessary to deploy 60 additional beds. The first patients with confirmed Kovalam we treated, in parallel, by keeping the hospital repair and installing new beds for the intensive care unit. It was difficult – the unknown, a short period of time. However, the intensity of the work does not interfere nor its organization, nor premeditated. There was no panic. Everyone understood that the situation is new not only for Kamensky physicians, but for the whole world.

the biggest difficulty in the form of an order will not solve anything. We have in the lack of doctors, slightly more than 50 percent of the need. Who then what? As a result, the hospital we worked one certified specialist-infectious disease – Irina Potekhina. The other doctors were gathered from physicians and pediatricians, specially trained. And our doctors worked like heroes. Resuscitator Ketevan Revzina Gurtskaya just pulled people from the dead.

after school I have entered medical. Did not worked for a year as an orderly at the city hospital, and then entered. And since medicine is close to me. For 18 years the Deputy mayor for social issues, I’m deeply immersed in her problems, and almost every doctor I know. So, it is no wonder that the hospital we have fully prepared the day before. Missing were taken in Rostov, the neighbors, and then returned, getting a new one.

the majority of patients Cavenago hospital were residents of the 6 attached to us districts of the Rostov region. There were days when all beds in the hospital were occupied. I’m almost all the patients knew the names and history of the disease. Every day at 7.30 am, I brought and bring to the first summary from the hospital. But only three per day. But living as a Chapter in whose territory launched coveny hospital.

It was the biggest challenge in 23 years of working in administration?

Konstantin Fetisov: No. Still, the region has the experience and experts, working anti-plague and other powerful medical institutions. It was difficult in 2014, when we, as a border town, fed, accommodated and sent into Russia about 20 thousand refugees from the Ukraine. These people moved away from us the heart and soul of the war, and we tried to meet them with dignity and conduct. Kindergarten teachers, teachers, and all were on duty around the clock. And our neighbors-so the Donetsk fell under fire.

Someone recently in Ukraine blurted out, I wish the missiles with nuclear warheads to experience a blow to the Kamensk. As the city took it?

the Konstantin Fetisov: We have ceased to pay attention to the statement of the Ukrainian politicians, especially those who are increasingly scratching their tongues. But for me, the way to Ukraine. I Voroshilovgrad received higher education. I have relatives there. Friends. Classmates. It’s all very close. And it really hurts.

You from the family of the city’s top…

Konstantin Fetisov: Most of the Soviet executives. Father 20 years led the Kamensky glass container plant.

And you worked as an orderly in a hospital, a school teacher of deaf children.

Konstantin Fetisov: me, except the father, almost all in the teacher’s family – grandfather, grandmother, mother, wife, daughter. And I never wanted them to be, but when I started, I loved it. In school because you can instantly see the result – literally for the next lesson. In 1991, incidentally, was voted best teacher of the don. But in 1992, he left school, it was necessary to think how to feed the family. Worked in banking, on the securities market. And in 1995, my friends decided to create a new city newspaper “the Peak”. It was the most difficult period in my life, but the most interesting and “cool”. Imagine, technicians, builders, teachers undertook to do the newspaper did. This your startup mid-90s, I’m proud of. The newspaper goes so far as city weekly and has been repeatedly recognized as the best provincial newspaper Russia.

All my life I love literature and love to write – easy. But I like TV journalism. We took a TV interview everyone involved in the city’s famous people, Zhirinovsky, Kashpirovsky. As a creative person I never wanted to be an officer! But in 1997 I was unexpectedly called into the administration won the first General elections for the legendary city of Kamensk man, Michael A. drones. It was hard to disagree.

the Most puzzling is the advice I gave dad: learn to say “no”. I was so surprised. But then I realized that there are many and difficult to solve using unsolvable problems. Well you can’t, for example, to put a person on a privileged place – not the law of it. And it is important to honestly say no. He might be offended, do not understand, but if you say “Yes” and begin to lead him by the nose, then it will deceive, and yourself cornered. I many time said, “no.” A book you can write. But to help people, we did still more.

How now there are your relations with the newspaper “the Peak”? It is, incidentally, wrote that Kamensky doctors went on strike.

Konstantin Fetisov: no, not on strike. There have been appeals from employees of “ambulance” on the leaner charge working with kovida, but after clarification of the President recovered. A “Peak” – not manual newspaper, and she created us as independent. And that respect her for that. Journalists we berate nibble. Well, there is something. City life is complicated. We, of course, the criticism offended. But if it is fair.

Journalists of all publications freely come to us in the administration at all meetings and my meetings.

Time the bad policy they aimed at you with missiles, then there is what to aim for. Kamensk – industrial city.

Konstantin Fetisov: Yes, it is a city of chemists. Our industrial flagships – FKP “Plant Kamenskiy” and JSC “Kamenskvolokno”, built in 30-ies and rebuilt after the war, well kept and in the 90s, thanks to a good conjuncture. The city helped them, than could, taking in the municipal budget kindergartens, schools, recreation center, stadiums. Dashing ( a major railway station Dashing is 22 km from the city, but a part of it. – Approx. ed.,) even had to buy a DK Railways have deferred for three years. But now we have no salvation. There are new enterprises of the chemical industry. Because a strong industrial tradition and many skilled professionals.

You live on your money?

Konstantin Fetisov: the City of the mighty, and in principle we could live on my own. But let’s be honest, could have “somewhere something tint, podeliti”. And I want to move, to build, enter a new one. A real engine for this become national projects. This year in the framework of the national project on demography will begin construction of a kindergarten with nursery groups up to 120 people. This will allow you to forget about the queue for children aged 0 to 3 years (about the queues in kindergartens for the older children we’ve long forgotten). Governor Vasily Golubev, often coming to the city two years ago initiated the creation of the roadmap for the development of micro Likhovskoy, and we finally started to repair the recreation center, which three years were bought from the railroad. A national project “Clean water” allowed to take the same Dashing for the construction of the new pipeline, next year there will be drinking water.

last year repaired large specialized (for children with impaired vision) kindergarten for 260 places, and when the Governor added funds from its reserve Fund, has bought medical equipment. For every ruble received from a region, we add 18 cents your sofinansirovanija. And don’t stop. Though small steps, but moving. Replaced about 10 km of heat networks. Change Sewerage network.

Kamensk – beautiful city. Designed moved to Russia architect-Dutch, it’s “small Motherland” for the great philosopher Alexei Fedorovich Losev, he linked the fate of many celebrities .

Konstantin Fetisov: Poet Ilya Frankel and composer modest Tabachnikov wrote his famous song “let’s light up” in our KamenskOh the hotel. Our city knows how to inspire. We recently in the style of an old album released the book “Walking on Kamensk” and told her about Alexei Loewe, and the violinist Cecilia Hansen and the poet-oberreute Nicholas Oleinikova.

How do you preserve the spirit and atmosphere of the city, the very urban community?

Konstantin Fetisov: Try to do it, postreboot the initiative of people. We have a very strong movement of NGOs. City centre of social initiatives, helps our public organizations to prepare programs for grants, and each year they win millions of rubles. The money to make films, write books, develop memorable places. Our NCOs win the presidential grants, through which are trained the elderly and persons with disabilities work on the computer, help children with disabilities in socialization by providing them with creative art. We try not to miss even the most simple initiative like “I Want the children’s Playground”. With projects of ordinary people began installing new benches in the Park of Victory, construction of the athletic fields. Cudi follow the fate of their initiatives. No one expects the mayor will come and cover a puddle. Of the new amendments to the Constitution, making it more extensive and reaching to everyone, I especially like concerning NPOs and volunteering. In kovideo time we all got to see how much to pull yourself volunteers.

help “RG”

Kamensk (population – 87760 people) has been known since 1671 as a Cossack settlement. In addition to chemical plants in this work JSC “KOMZ-export” (which produces mixers, agricultural machinery, electric cars, boats), Kamensky glass plant. To 15 percent of own revenues of the city budget to give small and medium businesses. And production “Polymer”, “Aramid”, “ask”, group of companies “Diorit”. Confectioners Kamenskaya “Gourmet” – winners of the European competitions. After the events in Ukraine moved into the city several businesses with equipment and specialists from Luhansk and are thriving. In the city you can get a quality higher and vocational education. Kamensky Institute of technology sighting and preparing for the city of chemists in the city also has strong chemical and mechanical College.

on the Eve of Victory Day, you have established a bust of Zhukov…

Konstantin Fetisov: Yes, in a remote district of the Factory, where there were no memorable places. Marshal for Kamensk fought, but he is the personification of Victory. In Victory Park, we have a memorial star in honor of the Heroes of the Soviet Union citizens, this year added 15 memorial sign in honor of the Hero of Vladimir Ovcharka. At station Dashing search teams from Kamensk, Vorkuta, the Urals found a place killing girls-anti-aircraft gunner defending the city. Dashing – local Dresden, the station was dropped hundreds of bombs. There was always a monument to those girls-the anti-aircraft gunner. We put memorable characters and well-known Cossacks-WWI. We keep the memory. The memory stores the city.