These additional funds will be directed in the tag of the homeless object in the August road 63. This was originally supposed to hit once with 163.000 euros. In the past month, the city had to cost an additional € 24,000 Shell hit.

construction costs have increased within a few weeks, a 27 percent

And now, the fire protection auditor of the County in the case of a Before-the-spot visit to the house of a variety of shortcomings found, the go back to the money – must be spent according to planning about 20.400 euros gross. Thus, the planned construction costs within a few weeks, around 27 percent have increased.

In the rest of the remained of the city government no other choice than that of Arno Wish identified shortcomings, because in his Letter, the fire protection expert made it clear what would happen in the case of Refusal: “This is not true in the case of Non elimination of deficiencies of a use of the object ( … ).”

the district of the fire load in the stairwell of the August street 63 had Criticized. There namely unprotected electrical distribution and protection systems.

distributor or counter must be sealed off. Best in a separate room

This was, to date, no Problem, but since installing now sanitary facilities in the house, where the warm water by electric energy is generated, ask to this plants in the staircase higher and used – as in escape and rescue routes, including staircases belong, is inadmissible.

conclusion: The protection of stocks, the would have had the new system without change, is over and the plant must now be in terms of fire protection improvements, made a Wish in his Letter to the city Council.

The distributor and / or counter. Best in a separate room, because this is the mobility and vulnerability of the people living in the building, would likely.

mayor Hauschild may approve the higher cost, without the city Council

As the space was not possible, the plant enclosure, it must be accommodated in the system in the future, in a separate room on the ground floor on the left. A smaller portion is separated in the already existing space through a fire protection wall. “The room has not been used and was not intended for a use”, so Baudezernentin Ina Rough compared to the MZ.

Anyway, the Expansion of spaces on the ground floor, for use by a social or a security service is, for reasons of cost, currently on the table – otherwise the project would have been even more expensive.

For the fresh brand protection a vote of the city Council’s cost by the way as little as necessary as for the increased construction costs – here’s how the administration is striving competence of the mayor, the may award, according to the main Statute in a particular case or unscheduled expenses up to a height of 30,000 Euro in its own jurisdiction. What he has done within a short period of time twice already – it remains to be seen whether this was the last of the additional financing, which is engulfed by the “knight’s castle”. (mz)

This article was written by Matthias Bartl

*The contribution of “fire protection requirements: rehabilitation of the “knight’s castle” will be a further 20,000 euros more expensive” comes from the mitteldeutsche Zeitung. There is no editorial review by FOCUS Online. Contact with the executives here.

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