His fall from Wednesday evening, the Kosovar Still Prime Minister Albin Kurti sporty took. On Thursday, the 45-Year-old wrote on Facebook: ”This was a necessary fall, for a necessary rise!” Because Kurt doesn’t think of the task, after the Parliament had agreed after a Marathon session of the trust. All parties with the exception of the Vetëvendosja (self-determination, in short, VV) voted against him.

the occasion for the vote of confidence the dismissal of the interior Minister, who belongs to the coalition partner, the LDK was. This was pronounced in the context of the Corona-crisis management to the public for the proclamation of a state of emergency, while Prime Kurti advocated only output restrictions. Kurti was against the proposal because he feared that there is more than just a prevention measure was: ”It is the state of exception is required, so that incidents in the North of Kosovo to be provoked, and then a new agreement with Serbia will be reached”, said Kurti in Parliament. He accused his coalition partners of secret Deals with the United States and the President of Hashim Thaci.

Secret Deals

In fact, the US has been pushing for months that Kosovo should cancel the customs duties on Goods from Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. This is also the condition of Serbia for the continuation of the Dialogue with Kosovo. The one-hundred-percent tariff was levied in 2018, the former Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj (AAK) as a Protest against Serbia’s active policy against the membership of Kosovo in international organizations. But even then, it was more than that: he wanted to prevent a possible Deal with Serbia with the result of a territorial exchange between Kosovo and Serbia. According to the US national security expert, Daniel Serwer, there is now the proposal for a similar Deal, which will involve a land swap, but no membership of Kosovo in the United Nations, Serwer in an interview with the investigative Kosovar journalist Jeta Xharra.

On Thursday, the Trump Administration denied the existence of such secret plans of The Balkan special envoy Mathew Palmer, Trump’s special envoy for the dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo, Botschaftr Richard Grenell, and the American Ambassador in Prishtina, Philip Kosnett, stated in a press release: “We want to make it clear that there is no secret Plan for a land swap between Kosovo and Serbia, as some have speculated. The special envoy of the President, Richard Grenell, to have seen such a Plan yet or never discussed”, it said.

With the blessing of the USA?

Even if there is no Plan, many observers believe that the United States is using the Corona-crisis, to overthrow the you not comfortable Kurti. This fits in with that of the US Ambassador in Kosovo, Philip Kosnett, on the evening of trust before the confidence vote, tweeted: “I am pleased that the Parliament trust in the morning a session to vote will hold. As I have today, the Prime Minister said, it is important that the Parliament and the Kosovo institutions respect the Constitution.”

The former Balkans-the European Parliament’s Rapporteur, Doris Pack (CDU), reacted after the fall of Kurtis indignant: “in the Middle of the corona crisis in Kosovo is in a Chaos. Leading LDK politicians were involved in the perfidious game of Thaci and Grenell, is unforgivable.”

In Berlin, you will observe the interference of the United States with concern, says government circles. The Deputy Chairman of the CDU/CSU group in the Bundestag, Johann Wadephul, as well as the two Kosovo-Rapporteur, Peter Beyer, and Christian Schmidt, emphasized in a press statement the importance of an EU-led Dialogue with Serbia. “Only the EU offers these countries a serious and responsible perspective for the future and have shown that it is also energetically ready for it,” said the politician.

EU powerless

But the Appeals of the EU and echo in Prishtina: Both the EU Ambassador and the ambassadors of France and Germany had tried, in the run-up to the confidence vote, to stop this in the light of the Corona-crisis. The Minister for Europe at the Federal foreign office, Michael Roth, formulated on the evening before the vote of no confidence in the DW a call on Kosovo to focus on the management of the pandemic. “Corona is not concerned about internal political disputes and sensitivities! Now is the time to take responsibility, stand together and protect the population,” said the SPD politician. However, all these efforts were ignored by the politicians in Kosovo.

was Ignored by the operators of the vote of no confidence, the Position of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who had the last phone call on Monday with a Kurti and also so that his back was. “The Chancellor and the Kosovar Prime Minister, advocated a speedy continuation of the normalization dialogue by the government of the Republic of Kosovo”, – stated in the message of the Federal government. Merkel also supports the gradual abolition of customs duties, as well as the EU-led dialogue for the elimination of other non-tariff barriers to trade between the two countries.

Not “US, the field

But whether it comes to such discussions, is open to leave”. Now probably the Kosovar President Hashim Thaci, the Kurti corruption-Serbia war will be accused of crimes, to restore the fortunes of the country in the palm of your Hand. And Thaci relies more on the U.S. Ambassador Grenell as on the quiet and not always some of the tones of the EU. According to the FDP Bundestag deputies Renata Alt Grenell wants to help “with a ‘quick fix’ is the Trump-Administration to a foreign policy success, instead of contributing to a real solution to the conflict between Serbia and Kosovo.” And it calls on the EU to “play in the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia finally have a supporting role, instead of leaving the field in the United States.”

in order To Grenell to counteract the appointed representative the EU’s special, the former foreign Minister of Slovakia, Miroslav Lajcak. However, Thaci reacted to this news in anything other than pleased. According to him, Lajcak does not have the necessary credibility to mediate between Kosovo and Serbia. And also the EU have lost credibility, as he put it recently at a press conference in Prishtina: “The EU should first liberalise the Visa Regime, and then worry whether she is able to make any contribution in the dialogue”, said Thaci.

author: Anila Shuka

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