Senator Bob Menendez openly explained why this is done, saying that “the details of this disgusting Russian campaign” prove “Donald trump is not able to protect our troops and our country.” And the speaker of the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi has accused trump of ignoring the responsibilities of commander in chief.

there are reasons and purpose of the campaign is clear and did not hide. Of course, shakes the absolute absurdity of the accusations themselves. As to any more or less versed in politics person it is clear that the Talibs themselves to anyone would pay for support in the war with the Americans the benefit of the “drug money” in Afghanistan due to the failure of the U.S. mission in the country every year more and more.

Another thing is that the media and the most odious politicians in the US easily pick up the most absurd “stuffing” Pro-Russia, no doubt, that their audience would believe it, without even asking themselves, why are the same Russian? “It is clear why: their nature is such, they, like any enemy of democracy, want to kill Americans”, etc.

At the UN there is an interesting article about how worked Nazi propaganda before the war. Stephen Luckert, an employee of the Holocaust Museum in Washington and curator of the permanent exhibition devoted to Nazi propaganda, says: “Hitler knew that the Germans would not support a war to conquer new territories. But they will support it if we will go to protect their family. The Nazis accused the Jews of seeking to destroy the Germans. They taught people that the Jews were behind all the enemy States which were at war with Germany”.

Not spending, I would like to stress, no historical Parallels, did I note the usefulness of the periodic recovery in the memory of historical materials.

Source: website of Senator Konstantin Kosachev in .