This opinion was expressed to RIA Novosti, commenting on the decision of the Parliament of Libya, which sits on the East of the country, to allow the armed forces of Egypt to interfere in the confrontation between the national consensus Government (NTC), which controls Tripoli and areas to the West of the country, and the Libyan national army (LNA), which cooperates with sitting on the East by the Parliament. The NTC supports Turkey, and LNA – Egypt, reminds Agency.

According to Kosachev, the decision of the Parliament is the answer “on raising rates on the part of the national consensus government (NTC)”. “At the end of November 2019 Ankara and the NTC signed an agreement on military cooperation, under which Turkey provides significant support to its allies in Tripoli, supplying weapons and, apparently, military”, – said Kosachev.

“So the appearance of the Egyptian “card” in this challenging solitaire is intended in some measure to counterbalance the Turkish activity in Libya, which increases with rising ambitions of the Turkish President (Tayyip) Erdogan, who has taken a course on the transformation of his country the dominant force in the region”, – said the Senator.

however, he noted that a permanent increase in rates by the parties and the involvement of external forces, “does not contribute to the normalization of the situation in Libya.” Kosachev added that Russia’s position in this matter remains unchanged: you need not to exacerbate the conflict parties, and encourage them to dialogue.

“But while we’re all clearly far from fulfill this mission, the key players in the region”, – concluded the MP.