Kosachev: the new U.S. budget focuses on the continuation of conflicts and hybrid wars

the U.S. Budget for the next financial year aimed at continuing international conflicts and hybrid war, said the head of the international Committee of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev.

the U.S. Administration will offer 10 February, the draft budget for the 2021 financial year (starts 1 October 2021). Defence spending the new budget increased from $738 billion to $740,5 billion, also provided military assistance to Ukraine, reports the Wall Street Journal.

“Today, the President of the United States Donald trump will publish a draft Federal budget of $4.8 trillion. Preliminary data in the media say that it will be very aggressive and I would say inhuman document,” — said Kosachev in an interview to RIA “Novosti”.

At the same time budget expenditures in the social security Fund will be reduced by $2 trillion. We are talking about compulsory programs, including the pricing for medicines, medical Medicaid, food stamps, benefits for the disabled and other programs. “Go under the knife and spending on environmental protection, the budget of the Ministry of housing and urban development,” — said Kosachev.

“But where talking about the conflict, the cost will only increase. On the background of the planned reduction assistance to other countries by 21%, support for warring with the people of Ukraine (including the military) will remain unchanged, and certain expenses “in countering the economies of Russia and China” are also going to increase. Military spending as a whole will rise by 0.3%, as additional expenses for security requirements”, — said the Senator.

According to Kosachev, hurt ordinary people in many countries, including America itself. “Like in those countries, to whom are applied measures of economic “containment”. As someone who will be denied development assistance. As someone who will help in wars, because it stimulates the continuation of bloodshed, not to search for compromises”, — said Kosachev.

“the Budget as a continuation of hybrid wars, etOh, in principle, the trend in recent years in the United States. Alas, economic behavior, not worthy of a superpower — the small (and large) pakostnichestvo is a world leader in achieving the goals set before mankind”, concluded Kosachev.