Kosachev said the impasse with the extension of the start Treaty

during the “round table” in the upper house on Thursday, the Senator recalled that the validity of the start-3 will expire in February next year. “The American side received some signals, but the clarity they bring. The situation (extension start) can be described as a dead-end”, – quotes its words of RIA Novosti.

Photo: Brian Smith/RIA Novosti nebesa: the Russian Federation expects U.S. response to the proposal to extend the start-3 without any preconditions

According to Kosachev, it can be connected to the common line of the United States “for scrapping the entire system of agreements on arms control”. The MP added that the government prepares an annual report on the implementation of SNV, in April of this year, the senators are awaiting the submission of the document.

the Agency reminds that signed in 2010 the start-3 remains the only current agreement between Russia and the USA on the limitation of armaments. It provides that each party reduce their nuclear arsenals so that after seven years in the future the total number of weapons did not exceed 700 Intercontinental ballistic missiles, ballistic missiles on submarines and heavy bombers, and 1550 warheads and 800 deployed and nondeployed launchers. The agreement binds Russia and the United States to exchange information on the number of warheads and carriers twice a year. The fifth of February 2018 came a deadline by which Russia and the United States were to achieve the targets start-3.