the Bears are found in many countries and often are in folk tales “the totem”. They are in history and in culture. Our, Russian, their, American.

the Russian we love it native, aboriginal. This is our life and this is our story.

But outside of Russia, where enough of their bears, to remember the way out of place and only made it Russian. American – “totem”.

But in vain.

Us bear is here, he wakes up from hibernation, he viprostol claws and roared.

trump said that the US sever all ties with who.

“due to the fact that they (who) has refused to carry out the required reform, today we stop relations with the world health organization,” said trump.

he Said in circumstances where the pandemic, God forbid, is on the decline in some countries, but when the risk of its development is huge in many others, not blessed with the American bear.

In the solution of a trump there is nothing from understand the risks, nor of the awareness of responsibility.

If the global leadership is the destruction of some global institutions and the attempt to forcefully seize the remaining… it’s not global leadership.

It’s a seizure. It’s a grimace.

And it is a threat. It’s a bear. But it is not leadership.

Source: Konstantin Kosachev on the social network Facebook.