– It is wild, it is the most lucrative gig I’ve done ever. It suggests the that people appreciate very price on these strømmekonsertene, for after all, it is voluntary to pay, ” says Erlend Ropstad.

He held a concert at the Headquarters in Oslo on Sunday evening with 1,500 viewers logged on to follow the concert live via the event “Koronerulling” on Facebook.

It had been like filled up Sentrum Scene in Oslo, and it is nice, ” he says.

to follow the guidelines from the public authorities to prevent the spread of koronaviruset, player Norwegian artists concerts without the audience present in the venue they find themselves in.

Overall, his strømmekonsert now been seen by around 30,000, and it has resulted in that many people have donated money via Vips and website reverse share split.

So far, it has given Ropstad earnings on 125.000 nok.

Very many, and very many people bought a ticket and when it was my most lucrative gig, ” he says.

– Totally enormous

on Monday evening played including Kristian Kristensen live from the Headquarters in Oslo. He had not thought of how much money that can come in.

– I do this because I want to put the spotlight on the music. For people who are renting and lonely at home can get the emotions that bind them to the world with music, ” says Kristensen.

He believes this is the way to perform concerts at is a dive into the future when it comes to technology and to get-out concerts to large audience.

It is strange, insanely delicious, but also kjempekleint without applause, but I think this also is the future, ” he says.

the Crowd that came Kristensen digital concert on Monday evening, he gave a revenue of nok 200,000.

Absolutely hugely. I can’t fathom how big this is. I am enormously grateful, ” says Kristensen to NRK late on Monday evening.

He adds that it was very delicious with all the feedback since he was so alone on the stage without the audience in the hall.

Kristian Kristensen received nok 200,000 during Monday’s digital concert.

Photo: The Wie Furunes / It Wie Furunes – Taken a little bit of

Christer Falck is one of the people behind the konsertinitiativene held at the headquarters in Oslo.

– I dreamed that it was going to be good, but now, it has started to take off a bit. It is fun for this is artists who do not have the income for a long time, so that they get a such experience and a little respite is nice to be able to be with, ” he says.

Very many of the Falcks friends are musicians as he worried about it for when the government banned a number of cultural events as a means to reduce the transmission of koronaviruset.

I immediately thought that here is what many of my friends who are going to struggle. So we come around quick and got the pbx that we play on that set with a bunch of people, sound and kamerafolk at your disposal, ” says Falck.

Christer Falck is on the initiative of the koronarulling, where people can volunteer donates an amount for the concert they hear.

Photo: The Wie Furunes / It Wie Furunes Future

He believes it is very many people at home now, bored, and experiencing it as a luxury to get favorittartisten its the right home in the living room. As well as that this is to develop new business models.

– It can be very good for artists, but also can be scary for many, so you need to ensure a balance in the system, ” he says.

He believes that many artists can come to use this as a supplement to regular concerts ahead.

– music venues is probably not so happy in this here, and there may be some who may struggle a bit in the long term. What we want in the first place now is to take care of as many artists as we can, so we can save the rest of the world later, ” he says.

Several other artists have also held digital tours, including Sondre Lerche. He is in quarantine after returning home abroad recently, and streamed a concert at home in your living room on Facebook page golden dragon 2020.

– All amounts to leave when it suddenly occurs so violent upheavals and changes. There are strange times, and then it is very nice to be able to do this kind of thing and at the same time be able to earn money on it, ” said Sondre Lerche the Norwegian broadcasting corporation NRK.

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