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the Litigation has been put on hold over the entire country because of smittefare.

Now proposes that the department of Justice to open for the increased use of video in court to be able to carry several cases. This means, among other things, that they should explain themselves in court can do it on the video.

It is the judges themselves who shall assess whether it is prudent in each individual case.

– Not all issues are suitable for video use

the Proposal was sent out for consultation on Tuesday, and høringsfristen is already in the day, Wednesday. It may come into effect already from next week.

“Sorenskriver” at Nord-Troms tingrett, Unni, sandy bay, is positive to the proposal.

“sandy bay, “sorenskriver” at Nord-Troms tingrett, it is positive to the digitization of the litigation.

– Now we are in a crisis situation, and it is important that things are coming into place quickly, ” she says.

like the rest of the country, they have only treated the cases that are considered strictly necessary since korona-the restrictions entered into force.

sandy bay says, however, that it is not all cases that are suitable for video use.

– In some cases of a serious nature, it is not reasonable that people should sit on the videoconference. There may be cases where the public takes over the care of the children. There can also be cases with long prison sentences. In such cases, it may be experienced as less safe from those who are involved that they don’t get to meet in court.

Fear permanent measures

Attorney Brynjar capital economics is critical to the rapid responses on the basis of koronaloven. He emphasizes that he is speaking on a general basis.

– There is a danger that temporary measures that make things convenient can be fixed. They save time and resources. The court is resource intensive for a reason. Now can we end up with measures that are permanent without that they are well enough studied.

Attorney Brynjar capital economics is critical to the Koronaloven.

the Leader of the bar association, Jens Johan Hjort, have confidence that the changes do not become permanent when koronakrisen is over.

– Now we are in an unusual situation, and when we are through so we are back to the usual rules, ” he says.

In the Nord-Troms district court, they see the measure as an opportunity to try out the changes.

In hindsight we should consider whether this is something that can be introduced on a permanent basis as a efficiency measures for the courts. But it should of course be made an assessment of the measures first.

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