Koronaviruset leads to increased demand for literary depictions of epidemics. This applies in particular to the classic “the Plague” by Albert Camus. The French-algerian author got the nobel prize winner for literature in 1957.

On the Italian nettbokhandelen Libreria IBS step book from 71. space for 3. place already in February, reports Repubblica. In South Korea hijacked “the Plague” second place on the nettbokhandelen Yes24 on Sunday. It is inside on the bestselgerlister both for ebooks, paper books, and audiobooks, reports the Korea Herald. In Japan sales of seven – or åttedoblet themselves, and the book is pressed now up in the additional 4000 copies, registers, Republic World. British Penguin experiencing a revenue increase of 150 percent compared to the same period of last year. They have had “the Plague” in sales since it came out in 1947 and speed up the fetching now a reprint, because the book sold out on Amazon, according to The Guardian. Allegory or realism?

the Novel depicted an outbreak of byllepest in the algerian coastal town of Oran in the early 40’s. A dead rat with blood around the muzzle is the first ominous sign.

the main Character and narrator, Dr. Rieux alerts early care. But the government refuses long to use the word plague of fear to scare the population.

As the epidemic rages, portrays Camus how to quarantine, fear, and inaction affect the citizens.

DESERTED: st. peter’s square in Rome is deserted, similar to the situation in the novel “the Plague”.

Photo: Crispian Balmer / Reuters

the Novel has often been read allegorically, as an image of the nazi entry into France.

these days it seems it simply as a realistic portrayal of a society in the grip of the epidemic.

English edition accelerated

English has the book been sold out from the publisher in several years. The translation from 1949 was also the outdated language. But a new edition is just around the corner.

NEW TRANSLATION: Christine Amadou has translated the novel to modern Norwegian.

Photo: Solum Bokvennen forlag

In Norway is the publisher Solum Bokvennen was already started with a new translation of “the Plague” of their ongoing series with texts by Albert Camus. Now, they have inserted an extra give to get it out to the people:

It is surreal that this classic suddenly became so relevant, ” says editor-in-chief for fiction and general literature, Tore Holberg.

Korona epidemic make that the priority to get the book out quickly.

– Now you should not take the comparison too far, for it is not just a pest we experience. But Camus manages to describe certain moods and what happens with man in isolation and standstill. It is a spiritual crisis as well as a physical one.

Sjefredaktøren is not sure how much the book will sell when it soon comes as both e-book and in print:

” the Situation is uncertain. People are going in the bookstore or not forward?