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today, the Norwegian hospital 682 respiratorer and in addition, there are transport-respiratorer that can be used for a short time. It shows a survey done by Health South-East.

But when Norway soon when smittetoppen, hospitals had to accept the 1200 intensivpasienter.

Jan Frich is the deputy director of Health South-East.

Photo: Bjørn Olav Nordahl / NRK

Respiratorer are machines that you switch out periodically, ” says Jan Frich in Health South-East. Before koronaviruset broke loose, it was already purchased 153 new respiratorer to Norway. They should be delivered in the spring.

– Many of them being delivered within a couple of weeks.

After that koronaviruset proved very contagious, it was made tilleggsbestillinger. 288 extra respiratorer is ordered.

– We have been suggested a delivery time of 2-4 month on the last order.

Overall, Norway will then have 1123 respiratorer when the last order has arrived. Norwegian institute of public health has prepared a separate “worst case scenario” that says that the 1200 patients may have needs for intensive care, at the same time.

But not all intensivpasienter need a respirator. And all the orders in time, the Norwegian need to be covered.

the Chartered plane

Thursday’s report from the Norwegian institute of public health shows it is running 266 patients in Norway with proven covid-19-disease. 68 of them are located on an intensive care unit.

Currently, there are enough respiratorer in relation to the intensivpasienter. But the urgency to get the orders in place before the smittetoppen come.

It could look like the top comes already in may and then we are not sure that all of respiratorene is in place, ” says Cathrine Lofthus, director of Health South-East.

Cathrine Lofthus is the executive director of Health South-East.

Photo: Odd Iversen / NRK

One challenge is that many countries have closed their limits.

Very many passenger plane is now on the ground and they represent a percentage of all shipments that happens with the aircraft. Then there will be very pressure on the fraktflyene and difficult to get goods to Norway, ” says Cathrine M. Lofthus, director of Health South-East.

Now she works and his colleagues on blast, and whining on the suppliers. They have also chartered a private plane to get respiratorer and other vital medical equipment to Norway as fast as possible.

Director: Therefore, we believe some young people are seriously ill Can move respiratorer between the hospital

If smittetoppen comes before respiratorene are in place need hospitals think alternatively.

– In a critical situation, we can use the anestisiapparatene used in the surgical procedure, so there are some opportunities, says Jan Frich.

another option hospitals have if there is a shortage of respiratorer in Norway is to move those between hospitals.

Halfdan Aas is the medical director of the Vestre Viken.

Photo: Peter von Tangen / NRK

There can be huge differences in need from region to region, and from hospital to hospital.

This is the one barely in time with already. Recently got, for example, Bærum hospital to borrow a respirator from Kongsberg hospital.

Since more patients are admitted to Bærum, we found it appropriate now to move a respirator from Kongsberg to have sufficient capacity in Norway, ” says Halfdan Aas in Vestre Viken.

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