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Rain, wind and mildvær gave super cheap power in January, and an analyst predicted that the price of electricity can break down towards zero to the summer.

Now is also the price, influenced by a new factor: Koronaviruset.

Andreas Myhre is the director of the kraftforvaltning of Entelios, a company that is a supplier of renewable energy, and with offices in Sweden, Switzerland and Germany.

Myhre included on electricity prices, and how they are affected by korona.

He says to NRK that the situation this year is unlike any we have seen before:

the Situation is that we in the current year 2020 has the lowest price ever anticipated in kraftmarkedshistorien.

– Since the liberalization in the 90’s is we are now driving to a rate of between 10 and 15 cents, and it is an electricity rate that is lower than we have ever seen through a whole year.

Andreas Myhre Entelios.

Photo: Geir Anders Rybakken Ørslien / LOS Energy

the Reason is mainly the special weather situation which happened in January and half in February, and also korona, ” he says.

– Power is a global commodity, really, a energivare affected very of the coal, oil and gas. So if we go into a prolonged recession here, we will get further lower rates than what we already see now.

Special værsituasjon

– How does this work?

– It is a very, very special værsituasjon, ” explains Myhre.

He points to the heavy rainfall over the whole of Norway in the winter.

Now you can see that it is very much snow, so that both reservoirs are full and snømagasinet is very high.

– When you are competing with each other, are you willing to sell the power to the price is all the way down to the slitasjekostnaden on the turbines – which is completely down in just under 2 cents. So when the price becomes very, very low – given that we have normal weather conditions until the autumn holidays.

High wind power production

New this year is that you have had a very high wind power production in the nordic power system.

– It is as powerful as kjernekraftproduksjon have been historically, and the reason for it is a part nyoppsatte windmills, both in Norway and Sweden.

– What does this mean for the Norwegian consumer?

– It is a small and pleasant message in a tough korona-time, then. It is simply so that for the majority of the electricity customers, it becomes a much lower energy bill than the previous two years where we have had quite high rates.

So this amounts to just over nok 5000 for a detached house, I think, as a årseffekt. So it is a bit less for an apartment, and more for a large and uninsulated housing.

Miss money for important korona-research: – Impossible to have done anything solid for the sum of the Challenges have come sailing into

Managing director Eivind Mikalsen in Helgeland Force agree that the prices are under heavy pressure. They work with more active measures to change the situation.

Eivind Mikalsen is managing director of Helgeland Force.

Photo: Helgeland Force

– We do ongoing assessments to see if we can do something with our cost bases, which may provide a reduced cost. For example, the grid, without that we finally have concluded there. And we are also working towards bransjesystemet our looking at whether we can do something with elavgiften.

Virusutfordringene is a third element that has come sailing in here. It also mean that the consumption is under pressure and has been reduced.

Video Tips to power saving Can be even lower prices

Power is a global energivare affected very of the coal, oil and gas.

Myhre says that they follow the development.

– If we go into a prolonged recession here, we will get further lower rates than what we already see now.

– What is the biggest consequence for the electricity market is that it is not being released as much CO₂. There is a price to release CO₂ in Europe. When the going really the cost for fossil production, and then also the energy prize in the Nordic countries down.

– So it hangs a bit together?

– It hangs very together on a global arena, it does. And it started with oil prices, where Saudi Arabia said that OPEC is OPEC, and it came as a result of the situation in Guan who is korona-related.

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