The cantonal Board of the SVP of the Canton of Zurich, is proposing to the delegates of the national Council Roger Köppel as a councillor candidate. The national Council Alfred Heer, has also shown an interest, is not taken into account by the Board of Directors. The last word the delegates.

Two days after the setback at the Zurich cantonal Parliament elections, addressed the Board of the SVP of the Canton of Zurich in the evening on Tuesday with the Federal elections in the autumn.

He recommends the delegates to nominate as a councillor candidate Roger Köppel. Alfred’s army will have the Disadvantage. The delegates decide on 2. April.

the army has given the party internal worthy of, while Köppel, however, is national known. Köppel announced in January, virtually single-handedly be of interest to a Council of States seat. Army, had expressed interest a few months before, did not want to move but back.

The Zurich SVP is not represented for twelve years in the Council of States. Your chances of getting one of the two seats are very low. Because the two current Ständeräte, Daniel Jositsch (SP) and Ruedi Noser (FDP), both again. (SDA)