Queen Margrethe of denmark has just announced that her 80-year birthday for april is cancelled due to the current corona-crisis. The announcement comes at a perfect time, saith the kongehusekspert.

“It was important first to have brought the closure of public institutions in order first. It was the big news last night (Wednesday, red.). So it is appropriate that she first joins it out now. She had launched it in last night, it had perhaps stolen some of the attention from the main news. So here she shows responsibility,” saith the historian, and kongehusekspert from the University of Southern denmark Michael Bregnsbo to B. T.

He had heard rumors that the announcement would come. So when B. T. on Thursday night, calling him up to get a comment for the cancellation, he is not surprised.

“It had to happen. Everything else is cancelled and shut down, so therefore she would not be able to keep a feast in such a situation and with such an infection. It will not go,” says Michael Bregnsbo.

Queen Margrethe thank in a press release the Danish health care professionals for the current effort. In addition, the calls she all to follow the government and the authorities ‘ instructions.

Exactly as a queen should act, says Michael Bregnsbo:

“She fills out her role as head of state and put words on the seriousness of the situation, where she brings the victim to fail to celebrate its 80 birthday.”

crown Prince Frederik and crown princess Mary of denmark announced earlier Thursday that they are now also returning home to Denmark from their stay in Switzerland. Michael Bregnsbo do not see it as a problem, that prince Joachim and princess Marie, by contrast, is still in Paris.

“Their role in the royal family is more peripheral. Frederik got home and relieve his mother. If they were in Switzerland, it could also give rise to disgruntled remarks about why they are not in Denmark along with the us. Princess Marie is from France, and Paris may well be as good as Copenhagen.”

Michael Bregnsbo guess about now instead there will be a big 81-year birthday next year, is he skeptical.

“I don’t believe It does. You can never know, but I just think you fail to celebrate it in years, and so they say that it is just too bad.”

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