Kommersant learned about the fall in gasoline demand

In Russia, the demand for gasoline dropped by 50 percent, diesel fuel – by 30 per cent and aviation fuel by 60 percent. This was announced by energy Minister Alexander Novak during the videoconference with the leaders of Duma factions.

the head of the energy Ministry has opposed the reduction in gasoline prices, told reporters following the conference, the leader of the faction “Fair Russia” Sergey Mironov.

“no Reduction, unfortunately, will not. But he said directly: “I am personally against, but if considered at a higher level, such a proposal…”. So I can ask the President this question, and he (the head of Ministry – approx. “RG”) is ready to connect (to the consideration of approx. “RG”), – said the leader spravorossov. But he believes that this is impossible.”