Kolokoltsev handed over the new ID cards to members of the Public Council

the Chairman of the Public Council under the MIA of Russia of the new Assembly unanimously elected a prominent lawyer, human rights activist and public figure Anatoly Kucherena. His deputies elected Vladislav Grib, Victor Blazheev and Vladimir Tyulin. Secretary of the Board was Alexey Zabelin.

Photo: fparf.ru the FDA has responded to claims against the lawyers

Anatoly Kucherena said that the Public Council will continue to decide all important, sometimes urgent problems that arise in police and society. This is no taboo as there was before, and never will. Actually, this Board exists to help in any situation and the police and other citizens.

Vladimir Kolokoltsev recalled that since the establishment of the Council is constantly evolving, reacting to what is happening in the society of change: clarified objectives, expanded authority, improved regulatory framework. Each of the members of the Board distinguishes active citizenship, a desire to contribute to the development of partnerships between police and community.

– the Level of confidence depends largely on their personal experience with the staff of bodies of internal Affairs. As a rule, people come to us when they need help. And to get respect only if careful attention to the problems of each person. Further systematic and quality work on the protection of state-guaranteed rights and freedoms, combating crime, crime prevention, the Minister said.

Kolokoltsov: Female police officers have made great strides in the service

Especially Vladimir Kolokoltsev stressed the importance of maintaining feedback with social institutions based on quick response to the demands of society, the desire for constructive and fruitful SOTrunecast:

– This open dialogue contributes to the search for optimal solutions to many issues related to the activities of the Ministry. This practice should continue to actively implement the most promising forms of work, – said the Minister.

the Council for the next three years – to discuss topical issues, to provide expert evaluation of the various initiatives of the Department, to participate in the implementation of the Russian stock and socially significant projects. Including directed on Patriotic education of the younger generation, especially since Russia declared a Year of remembrance and glory. Vladimir Kolokoltsev expressed confidence that the joint work with the Public Council will be built on the principles of openness, trust and mutual respect.