Kokorin has announced his intention to play for the national team of Russia at Euro 2020

this Alexander Kokorin said during a dialogue with journalists on the eve of the resumption of the season. This winter he passed in Sochi on loan from Zenit, however, this story lasted for almost a month.

Photo: Mikhail Kireev / RIA Novosti Kokorin scored two goals against Dynamo in the debut match for “Sochi”

in the meantime, Kokorin plays for Sochi, he intends to try his game to reclaim a place in the national team.

“I Want to go on the field in every game to try to benefit. If you look to the future, this year we are waiting for the European championship. If you look a little into the distance, I will hope to return to your previous level to get to the European championship”, – quotes TASS Kokorin.

the Striker admitted that he had not much time to play with new partners. However, Kokorin noted that many of them know even for Zenit.