the Players Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev will continue to fight in court. This “Sport-Express” said the lawyer Mamayev, Igor Bushmanov.

Bushmanov said that Mamaev will submit an appeal against the decision of the Moscow city court. “We will ask to justify the beatings and, accordingly, in the first episode with [the driver leading the First channel of Olga Ushakova Vitaly] Solovchuk to retrain. That is to remove the “hooligan” motif. All want to see legitimate solutions. We have a series of the pen,” thought the lawyer.

on 3 August the Moscow city court announced the verdict in the retrial of players. Mamaev and Kirill Kokorin and Alexander Pratasavickaja justified under article “Hooliganism”. The sentence Kokorin left unchanged.

8 Oct 2018 Kokorin and Mamaev staged two fights in the center of Moscow. The results of the incidents the players were prosecuted and held in prison for about a year.