This is the Whatsapp message was: “I’LL kill ALL of YOU, AND GO IN THE CRATE, I SWEAR!!!” The shock-SMS from the 17. November 2018 was directed against Jadwiga Kuhn (63), the wife of the Ex-Nati-Trainer, Köbi Kuhn (75). The death threats included the two daughters from a previous marriage of the native Polish goods.

the sender of the Polish language, written in the SMS was her 43-year-old son Filip B.*. The Polish IV-pensioners lived as a B-term Residence permit, also in the Canton of Zurich. “I have a right to AN advance payment OF THE INHERITANCE that AWAITS ME (⅓ of YOUR HAVE obligation to share, FOR ME, REGARDLESS of WHETHER IT FITS OR NOT).”

in Addition to news Links to violent content

In a further SMS Filip warned his mother to notify the police. If him one of his sisters set again, it would have “the whore” as the First a hole in the head.

“(…) IF YOU GRAB ME, THEN hit YOU ALL with A RELENTLESS, IN SWITZERLAND, with UNPRECEDENTED levels of DISASTER. NO ONE IS GOING TO RESCUE.” In order to give the turmoil, the threats of emphasis, brought Filip B. “a team in Poland” into the game. These had already been informed.

“in Addition to these messages the Accused sent a conscious and deliberate four Links to Videos or pictures with violent content”, the office of the public Prosecutor, in its indictment. So, among other things, a documentary about the Norwegian Right-wing Anders Behring Breivik, who had murdered eight years ago, 77 people. A photo from the horror flick “The 13th Floor”, in the case of a woman with a gun held to the head. Another film documentary is about the Polish Mafia.

These messages would enable Jadwiga Kuhn and daughters in great concern for their physical Well-being, the public Prosecutor. They had feared, Filip B. could implement his threats.

arrest three days after the Whatsapp-threats

It is requested, to punish the IV-pensioners, due to the threat and prevention of an official act with five months in prison. The Pole was arrested three days after his Whatsapp messages in his apartment. However, he had pressed himself against the apartment door, to prevent his arrest, but could not.

in Addition, it is required that he must serve a previous suspended sentence of 28 months to complete. Nine months in jail would be the top five once again. What is it with the record on, and will probably be addressed in the process. Finally, Filip B., for seven years, expelled from the country. The process takes place on 27. September the district court of Dietikon instead.

He wanted his story to sell

The wife of Köbi Kuhn did not want to Express an opposite VIEW to the massive threats of their first-born son.

Filip B. tried several times in the past to sell a VIEW of the history of his allegedly incriminating Childhood against payment. As usual, a VIEW rejected such claims for Fees strictly.

About two weeks after his arrest, Filip B. logged-in to VIEW. He seats due to threats to his mother in custody – an innocent.

*the Name has been changed

By Andreas Böni

Ex-national team Coach Köbi Kuhn (75) 2014 loses his wife, Alice , after a long illness and learns Jadwiga (63) love. “We have for many years. Our two houses in Birmensdorf are only separated by a small road and a pond,” he says, once in the Sunday view.

“I’ve seen from my house in each case, what program Köbi looks straight at the television, so close that’s all. Mostly football or “the daily show”. And when his wife died, I always see him on his balcony running back and forth. Like a restless Tiger.”

Jadwiga supported him, also as his daughter Viviane, with 46 years to drug and alcohol problems, died.

Köbi Kuhn writes in his autobiography: “at the time it was fashionable somehow, to try drugs. The scene has been impressed by the young people, and they came to the stuff ran. the 14 has smoked pot with my daughter for the first Time. Out of curiosity, was a regular hashish consumer. Then she snorted coke and Heroin, a time they injected.”

And further: “once I remember like it was yesterday: It was obvious that she was on the Zurich platzspitz, the place for drug addicts,. I went to get you, and have you actually found there. In anger, I took away the drugs, all trampled and in the Limmat thrown. That’s why you had me stay angry for long.”

in 2018, the police find you dead in the apartment. “In the kitchen there are numerous shopping lists were, to every individual a Post was found with cheap vodka. Four empty bottles stood around. the her death has torn a huge hole in my heart,” so, Köbi Kuhn.

In the same year, the Ex-FCZ-Star and Jadwiga marry. the It is his second and her third marriage. The Couple traveled in the past few years, world, visited, for example, Peru, Brazil, and many destinations in Europe.