When the bachelor has distributed his last rose on RTL, it is clear: it cannot be long before his female counterpart goes looking for a man. Now the broadcaster has announced who will be the new Bachelorette.

Roses will soon be distributed again on “The Bachelorette” on RTL. Now it is also clear who will do this: Sharon Battiste (30) is following in the footsteps of Maxime Herbord (28). Some of the trained office clerk should already be known from the RTL2 format “Cologne 50667”. Sharon played there from 2018 to 2021.

Since leaving the series, the 30-year-old with German-Jamaican roots has focused on her job as a model and influencer. Sharon, who lives in Cologne, has been single for eight years. What will Sharon do to impress the 20 men who will be courting her? “I think I’m the funniest Bachelorette so far,” she tells RTL. So it goes without saying that she also values ​​good humor in men.

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Sharon also wants to deal with her illness in a humorous way on Instagram. The influencer suffers from alopecia areata, i.e. circular hair loss. A topic she speaks openly about. She wants to encourage others who are affected. She likes to post pictures of herself with different wigs.

She will definitely take her to Thailand, too – that’s where the new “Bachelorette” season is taking place.

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