This season, several cosmetic giants have decided to re-release their most popular historical perfumes. “Kommersant Style” understands why this is necessary.In the world of perfumes manufactured a huge number of versions, limited editions, collaborations and fencerow in all sorts of flavors that arrive on store shelves with surprising regularity and change at an alarming rate. But sometimes there is a lull, almost a vacuum. This is when you suddenly come across known since childhood, a bottle there, disturbing memories of the aroma. Among this flow of quality but the momentary (but — obviously — profitable) “tinsel” the pillars of creation raise the question — perhaps their time has not passed and who even now wears? “People love beautiful stories and they were pleased when over the acquisition of flavor is something more than just the composition itself in a bottle,” says perfume stylist browser. Yuliya Gaydukova. — “There is a certain extra sense of involvement in the legend of the past.” Roman Romanenko, an expert of perfume “Rive Gauche”, believes that “most of Flannery only appear on very commercially successful, promoted composition. This solution allows perfume houses to extend the life of fragrances, icons, making them more understandable to a much younger audience. But, alas, most Flannery not repeat the resounding success of their predecessors. And speaking of business sense — to re-release the aroma of the cheaper. At least, there is no need to develop a new formula and a bottle.”Think there is some super-power — because right now, dealing on a morning flavor, we are forming sensory memory not only yourself and your current life but also their children, who will associate you (and then himself as a child) with varying composition. But still think this is not the most important thing is state of comfort “coincidences” with a particular flavor, and whether it will be another classic or not, as usual, will become clear only with time.Eau de Parfum Shalimar 2020, GuerlainФото: GuerlainИстория: the Fragrance was presented in 1925 at the world exhibition of decorative arts in Paris and the inspiration for its creation was the love story of the Sultan of Shahjahan and Princess Mumtaz Mahal and the Shalimar gardens, which he ordered to be split in their honour in Indian Kashmir. The exhibition Jacques Guerlain got the flavor of the first prize, and from that time began his popularity.What has changed In the design of the new bottle uses traditional shades of blue, gold and white. It depicts a tree, bergamot, which echoes the composition of the fragrance. This limited edition fragrance remains unchanged: it is a combination of citrus and floral notes of bergamot, rose, JasMina and toffee. Also you can hear the vanilla and Tonka beans absolute.Eau de Parfum Peut-Etre, LancomeФото: LancomeИстория: the fragrance was created by Armand Petitjean, the founder of the perfume house of Lancome in 1937. He dedicated this fragrance to a new generation of independent women and filled it with freshness and energy, focusing on the note of rose. Peut-Etre was presented in an exclusive bottle, was a phenomenal success and quickly became the most popular fragrance Lancome. What has changed:Lancome releases a modern version of the fragrance in the authorship of perfumer Nathalie Lorson. In the center of the composition, the perfumer has left a signature component Lancome — a rose and framed his notes of Jasmine, musk and benzoin. The bottle is now decorated with the image of a symbolic open gate of the garden of Lancome, the center of which is a rose, thus emphasizing the richness of the composition.Irina Kirienko