Since the beginning of the pandemic, many companies refused travel. In spring the number of business trips fell by 95 percent.

Now demand is recovering, in June, the increase in the number of flights for work exceeded the may figure of 173 percent. However, it is still 11 percent from last year. Travelers save, only every hundredth flies business class.

it is Worth noting that the changed direction of travel. Of course, Moscow and St. Petersburg is in the rating of business travel first, because of the large number of Central offices of organizations. Samara is also traditionally holds a high place in the ranking.

But Irkutsk in the last years was on the 12th place in the ranking. This year, when companies reduce the number of trips, Irkutsk was among the cities where we need to go. Similar situation with the New Urengoy, he’s in 2019, the year generally was at 54th place ranking and is now ranked fifth. In Novy Urengoy traditionally fly shift workers. Also shifts it employs programmers, specialists in the laying of communication lines and so on. Despite the pandemic of work in the North have not diminished and the need for trips there remained at the same level as before.

By the way, employees of manufacturing, mining and energy comprised 47 percent of all business flights in the country.

On the sixth line of the rating was Ufa last year, the capital of Bashkiria has occupied 16-e a place. In Ufa go on business trips to processing plants. By the way, Novosibirsk, which in past years has occupied the sixth place, this time moved up in ranking to the seventh place.

Lost on the last year of four positions in Krasnodar, he is in eighth place and ninth place was the Nizhnevartovsk, up from 35. Tenth place among the most popular destinations is Rostov-on-don.

it is Worth noting that the price of aviabiletov on the number of areas that were the most popular among business travelers increased significantly. For example, the price of tickets to Ufa in one direction from Moscow reached in the second quarter of 12 thousand rubles, which is 42 percent higher than last year. And in Irkutsk tickets went up to 14 thousand rubles, the growth was 24 percent. But tickets to New Urengoy fell by 16 percent, on average, a flight from Moscow costs 13200 rubles.