As police officers with the sword-wielding “gentleman,” claimed this also to be the Coronavirus infected.

According to the police, Karlsruhe, Germany it was at a property in castle street in the village of Menzingen previously to a dispute. Against 21 o’clock, a 35-year-old man tried the door of the property to enter. He failed, and sought for the time being, the Wide, only a short time to come back and whoop loudly in front of the house.

rioters returns as a knight to the property

Then he got away again, but returned soon in a medieval knight’s armor and with a sword on his back armed to the estate. Then he stabbed the door with his sword, the glass of the house. He had 29 a behind-the-door the-Year-old adds a cut to the Hand.

it was Only when he saw the alarmed police arrive, and seized the robber-knight, finally, the escape. He was, however, on a neighboring plot of a patrol car crew set. With to chest height, outstretched blade, the man turned himself in to the officials, until they threatened him several times with the use of the firearm.

As he had placed the sword at last to the side, could be taken by the man with violence.

knight is infection with Coronavirus in

another Patrol should carry the tied up knights and then to the police station, however, during the journey of this informed the officials that he had contracted the Coronavirus. As reported by the police, had carried out a series of security measures, and a physician be consulted. The four officers who had contact with the supposedly infected man, were immediately from the service. In addition, the health have turned on authorities.

“infection, rather,

exclude brought” Meanwhile, the 35-Year-old in a hospital, where after a thorough medical examination is communicated could be that a disease of the man on the Coronavirus was more likely to be excluded. Also symptoms do not show. He has since been released from the hospital. The man now face multiple criminal charges, so the police Karlsruhe.

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