On Thursday, Markus Ritter (52) invited journalists to a farm in Switzerland, and Moosseedorf. The CVP national Council, offered a political staging, such as from the Textbook. Knight, the lobbyist shrewd Agricultural, turned into knights, the worried environmentalists. When he came to speak on climate change, had a Camero like Greta Thunberg: “We must act now.”

Behind-the-Scenes of the top Swiss country sounds host on Eco-topics, however, quite different. Sunday view E-Mails are, the knights had sent to his CVP group colleagues before the summer session of the Parliament.

the occasion of two upcoming people’s desire, the wish to reduce the consumption of Chemicals in agriculture were: the drinking water Initiative and the Initiative for a pesticide ban. The farmers ‘ Union opposes both bills, is known. How aggressive the President agitates against the environmental concerns, on the other hand.

discussion of plant protection products delay

Bern, 24. May 2019: knight is incensed. The national Council’s economic Commission has recommended just both initiatives to rejection. But it applies to any cost to prevent the environmental toxins in the elections this autumn on the topic. Knight sent an E-Mail. Subject: “Plant Protection Products-Initiatives”. Importance: high.

whether It is “of great importance”, he writes, that the CVP in the upcoming Session, a rejection of the request of the Left opposition. Otherwise, knight’s nightmare looms: that the debate “will run directly in front of the elections”; this was “in the spirit of the Left, the Greens and the GLP – in this case, we should not fall”.

the aim of the left green it is, “the theme for the election campaign to exploit” and “to relocate if possible in the autumn session, 2019”.

Green rate of the FDP hits the knight on the stomach

the concern about plant poisons dates back to the civil bearings, fits a knight, not at all – the discussion is stylized to the left of the request.

The more violent the farmer functionary shall inform against the liberals that voted in the economic Commission for a indirect counter-proposal from the SP and allow for a more restrictive pesticide Regime: “The FDP was in the WAK-N except edge and Band.” The green course, beating the knights on the stomach: “The FDP has lost for the first Time, the orientation and no longer knows in your compass where North is.”

of all things, a knight, a representative of a highly subsidized industry, argued in economic terms, CVP and BDP should stand in the national Council “in all clarity, for a business-friendly course that also takes into account the environmental and social concerns”.

pesticides continue to be a theme

On request, knight says, as the head of the delegation of the group of the preparatory Committee, he had set out for the guidance of the business of the group the attitude of the Delegation. This is for the decision-making an important basis. “The group followed with a few votes against this assessment.”

in fact, In the summer session of the national Council has rejected both initiatives. With SVP and FDP, but also with CVP-votes.

pesticides remain for the time being, but a subject: The matter comes in August in the stand ätliche economic Commission. 20. October is the day of the election.