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It is quiet at Hafjell where it is usually teeming with hyttegjester when the sun rays.

Unusual, say the few locals who have taken the trip out in the finværet. Here is it’s not very difficult to keep distance.

Director Siri Helene Hauge by FHI, think it is okay to trip out for those who can, as long as one keeps a distance.

fine weather at Hafjell Saturday

Photo: The Andersen / NRK

– People can and should certainly go out in the nice weather. The risk of becoming infected is less outdoors, but you should still keep your distance from other people to avoid infection, ” says Hauge.

She says it is important to go out, especially in these days where most are closed.

– It is healthy, both for the physical and mental health to have come out of the house, in addition to that it is good for your body to get moving.

GO OUT, BUT KEEP your DISTANCE: the Director of the FHI, Siri Helen Hauge, says you absolutely should take a trip out in the nice weather if you can.

Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

Would As, Julie Håland and the dog Charlie is on the way up in the byfjellene in Bergen.

– We have to get the exercise and some air. We don’t want to grow indoors, especially not in this weather, they say.

WILL NOT HEAL INSIDE: Would As, Julie Håland and dog Charlie on the way up in the byfjellene in Bergen, which is a popular walk.

Photo: Oddgeir Øystese, norway / NRK Will count the crowd

Byrådslederen in Bergen fear that many will pull out in finværet.

People have shown solidarity and remained at home. But when the sun shines in Bergen will all out. There will be fewer there now than usual, but I’m a little worried about hiking areas such as mount Fløien, says yesterday Roger Valhammer.

the Municipality can see if there are large crowds gathered, based on the sim-card, as they did during the bike world cup.

– there Are many gathered in one place, can we send SMS to people directly about the spreading, or go home. What will we do if there is a need for it, ” says yesterday Roger Valhammer.

WORRIED: Yesterday in Bergen, Roger Valhammer asking people to keep distance to each other if they are out in the weekend. It will be for many gathered at a place, the municipality can ask them to go home in a text message.

Photo: Øyvor Bakke / NRK Predicted a mild winter: – It has rarely voted better

In January predicted a climate researcher Erik Kolstad and his colleagues at NORCE and bjerknes Centre for climate research, that it can be mild and wet until the end of march.

– It has rarely voted better. It is very nice. Not at least from the forskningsperspektiv we learn more about how the models work in the real world, ” says climate researcher and head of the research project Seasonal Forecasting Engine, Erik Kolstad.

He says it has been a very special winter.

In Bergen, there was no day with snittemperatur below zero degrees. It has never been measured since the measurements on the Florida started in the late 50’s.

NEVER BEEN MEASURED BEFORE: IN Bergen there was no day with snittemperatur below zero degrees. It has never been measured before.

Photo: Therese Pisani / NRK

He says that it is normal that there is little connection between what happens in winter and what happens the following spring.

Spring can be warmer than normal

The use of seven models, including their own, as sannsynlighetsbasert notice. It says, for example, the probability that the upcoming three-month period is among the warmest compared with the past 25 years.

SMALL CONTEXT BETWEEN WINTER AND SPRING: a climate researcher Erik Kolstad, says there is little correlation between what happens in winter and what happens the following spring.

Photo: Andreas the Grave

At the beginning of each month it’s done a new simulation.

The latest alert indicates that the spring is a part warmer than has been normal the last 25 years, ” says Kolstad, and adds that the spring is long.

– It means that inside there, it can be long, cold periods. But in average, it becomes hot, according to the models.

It is not reported notably more precipitation than normal, ” he says.

– seen this Way does it differ a bit from the winter, where was it reported and was more precipitation than normal. There is hope in sight.

ONE OF the MODELS: The latest notice indicates that the spring is a part warmer than has been normal the last 25 years. The reference period is 1993-2016.

Photo: Screenshot To highlight the difference between pollenallergi and korona Snow and wind in the North of Norway

In the North of Norway is not as sunny this weekend. Here it is reported a part snow and snow showers, ” says Wahl.

– Nordland get some good weather in between on Saturday, and East-Finnmark can also get some nice weather, but it is generally a part of the wind and the snow in the north.

On Sunday, it is also reported a little more clouds in the Western part of the outer coat. Wahl says it is expected in the southwest strong gale and rain to the west of the north Cape. It is like sleet and rain in the outer districts, because it is milder, ” she says.

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