brand experts have expressed doubts that the death of the Syrian Ahmed A. in the correctional Kleve is expired, as in a Fire assessment. “As the Brand of the Prosecutor’s office has been described, it is not possible,” said Korbinian Pasedag by the Institute for fire – and fire research in the Saxon town of Dippoldiswalde, in the ARD magazine Monitor.

The Syrians had died at the end of September, two weeks after a fire in his cell in Kleve, in a Bochum hospital of his injuries. The case attracted also attention, because the man was sitting because of a mix – up in the stick during a police operation in July, person alien had evidently been mistaken.

In the cell of the 26-year-old Syrian, there was no smoke detector, no fire extinguisher and no sprinklers. For things that burn well with: wooden furniture, bed linen, TV. The door to the hallway was tight, peep-holes have been abolished for the protection of privacy, there was no camera that could watch the action in the cell.

no longer able to act

The Syrians had set the fire, allegedly with the intention of moving. The North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of justice and the Prosecutor’s office of Kleve on the basis of the authority collected a fire report that the fire “for about 15 minutes to have effect when the window is closed, without the Syrian government have made members felt”. After 15 minutes, Ahmed is said to have A. pressed the call system. Immediately after that, he opened the window of the detention room.

Monitor reported, however, according to experts, a person after 15 minutes in the case of a so-described progression of a Fire in a closed space capable of action. “On the one hand, through the dense smoke, and on the other hand, due to the toxicity of the gases since,” said Pasedag. Also, the Director of the legal medicine Frankfurt, Marcel A. Verhoff, told the magazine: “I would rather expect, that the Person is after a quarter of an hour already unconscious.”

In a Monitor, the report drawn up by the Institute for fire – and fire research assumes that the Prosecutor’s office described the fire course was only an “adequate Ventilation” – that is, the supply of oxygen, such as through an open window or an open door. At the same time, the fire resulting in burns would result “in significant pain, expressed by cries of Pain”.

following the end of enlightenment?

This ceiling with depictions of people, the time were the same institution in the Klever enforcement, said Monitor further and, consequently, Ahmed A. loudly shouted. When a. the window has opened and if and when he gained their attention, this is important for the assessment of the actions of the prison staff. Specifically, the question in the room is standing-or, if you have the early fire, and you can save.

The Prosecutor’s office informed on request of the magazine, the question of whether, how and when A. during the fire event noticeable’ve made, is the subject of the investigation. This also applies to the question of whether the conduct of prison-employees of criminal relevance. Is puzzling in this case, the trailing end of the enlightenment: According to the information of TIME fire experts were ONLINE only for two and a half weeks after the fire, the fact, or the scene of the accident came.