Federal Building Minister Klara Geywitz (SPD) does not give up the goal set by the federal government, but sees “significant bottlenecks” in terms of achieving the goals that she has set herself. 400,000 apartments will probably not be built this year.

Geywitz said in the evening on the “RTL Direkt” program about the federal government’s goal of building 400,000 new apartments per year: “The signs are clouding over. We had the Corona crisis last year, we are still having delivery bottlenecks this year due to the Corona crisis, and the terrible war in Ukraine is added to that.”

The construction of the apartments was one of the key campaign promises made by Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD).

However, work is now continuing to combat the bottlenecks. “We may have fewer completed apartments,” Geywitz continued, “but we have a huge queue of approved apartments, 847,000 apartments are just waiting for the construction industry to finally build them. And we have to tackle that.”

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