– It is what I have most wanted to, and that I feel fit me best, ” says John Høsflot Klæbo in a press release.

John and grandfather Haakon stated that they have spent the last few days to sum up the previous season, as well as to identify what will be best for skiesset the upcoming season where the world cup and the world cup is on the plan.

No dissatisfaction

Klæbo explains the press release that there have been several questions about what he thinks and wants to come.

– This is a decision I make based on desire and pleasure, not any dissatisfaction, because I think this will be appropriate as the basis for realising the objectives I have.

I have been satisfied with the arrangements and the cooperation with the Norwegian ski federation, allroundlandslaget and the environment. We now have good conversations and discussions with the national leadership’s and trenerteamet with a focus on that I have even more desire to train with the sprintlandslaget. It thinks and believes both the father and I suits my development better, ” explains Klæbo.

waiting for answers

Training, Espen Bjervig, however, does not love Klæbo that he gets the will its right now.

John has expressed the desire to switch back to sprintlandslaget, and when one of the world’s best skiers speak it, we must listen and have respect for it. But ultimately, it is we who are putting together a team, and as we’ve said a few times, will the teams be published at the end of april or end of may, ” says Bjervig to NTB.

It is langrennskomiteen that ultimately takes the decision after receiving a recommendation from the Bjervig and general managers.

Komitéleder Torbjørn Skogstad says to NRK that a decision probably have to wait until 1. may.

– We assume that there is a good review on this before we treat it, ” says Skogstad, who can’t remember that the committee has not listened to a setting.

Hard to say

Klæbo says he is not dissatisfied with the development of the distance, but that he would have “been a few notches higher up” in the distansecupen with the thought of sammenlagtseieren.

“the Lack of stability has made this difficult”, states the press release.

– We have good experience to cooperate with Arild (many, Monsen). The collaboration between the maternal grandfather and he has also worked fine in the past, ” says Klæbo in the press release.

the Coach at allroundlandslaget, Eirik Myhr Nossum, stressing that the dialogue with the Klæbo has been good and running no later than Monday evening.

WANT to FIND a GOOD SOLUTION: Coach Eirik Myhr Nossum.

Photo: Terje Pedersen / Terje Pedersen

Nossum also points out that Klæbo have a good basis for the assessment for the to have been a part of both landslagene the last two seasons.

– Should something have been done differently?

– It is difficult to say. He has won ten verdenscuprenn this season. It is difficult to say that it has been bad, but I agree with him in that he has been unstable. Sprintmessig has he never gone faster, so it is a bit special. It is marginally toppidretten, so it’s hard to put your finger on the details that could have been done differently, ” says Nossum to NRK.

– it Is a defeat that Klæbo will switch after one season?

– There is no prestige in it. The dialogue between me and John have been very good. It was okay the other way in the last year. I and Arild (Monsen) know each other extremely well. We want to have the best troops, so it doesn’t matter if they are on one or the other team. It’s ultimately about the safety, which he has found to a greater extent on sprint than allroundlaget, says Nossum.