Kiselev: Russia without Putin still viable

little bastard coronavirus radically changing the world. Puts on a funny planes in the whole world locks people in their homes, cancels sporting events, devastating cinema, brings down production and trade, including international. We don’t know what else will result in a global pandemic, but are well aware that the wily alien, which is now the whole planet sees in the microscope, only part of the new reality, which will have to exist and Russia. In General, the more volatile situation in the world by a combination of factors was not a very long time.

Russian President Vladimir Putin sees new risks. Said he, speaking March 10 in the State Duma in the final discussion of amendments to the Constitution of the country.

“We recognize how difficult the situation is in world politics, and security in the global economy. There is also a coronavirus came to us, and oil prices are dancing and jumping, and with them the rate of the national currency and exchange. But, by the way, use this platform to say absolutely sure, we go through this period with dignity. The overall economy will be strengthened, and key industries will be more powerful and competitive. But we have to work, and work together in a consolidated manner”, — said the head of state.

In these words, and confidence in the possibilities of Russia, and a call to work together, bringing together. This — Putin. Putin, who has not yet decided whether he will use the opportunity to stand as a candidate in the presidential election of 2024, but even this possibility insures the country. Insures against internal intrigue, attempts to contrive redistribution — in the hope that the head of state is still gone. Not all the same. Russia turmoil or even just uncertainty in the context of such serious risks is not needed. And because the world is such a situation, because the country itself still in the process of formation.

“a Lot yet, that is, made, in people say “live thread”, and yet a lot of us are vulnerable. This applies to internal political stability, interethnic and interfaith harmony, economic and social development”, — said the President.

“live thread” is an understatement. Let’s be honest: Russia without Putin still viable. Our political system unfinished and unbalanced. She, unfortunately, there is a responsible opposition that could take power in the elections and not to let the state into a ditch. After all, what is the opposition? Ideally, nothing like a political reserve. Such reserve to grow our society have not yet succeeded. Maturing and responsible opposition does not appear, because our political parties on both the right and the left is still in its infancy. Perhaps you need time. We want faster, but faster in Russia with such a complex story will not work. The risks are too great.

In any case, now just formed a sufficient time for the formation of a more stable political institutions in the country, be it a party, a Parliament with extended powers or the government in the new system responsibility.

For external forces is also important to know that the line of Putin on Russia’s sovereignty and a multipolar world will remain unchanged. And that, I suppose, have plans to build on after. So Russia remains stable as part of the international community and stable inside. Obviously for the outgoing President, such a task would be daunting. Putin understands this very clearly.

“Because the President is the guarantor of the Constitution and to put it simply, in other words, is the guarantor of the security of our country, its internal stability and the internal evolutionary development. It is evolutionary, we already had enough revolutions, Russia has a “plan for the revolution” performed”, — said the head of state.

It is therefore so important an amendment to the Constitution made the firstNina in space, Valentina Tereshkova. “All options for possible changes that are being discussed in society, on open sites, and just, as they say, in the kitchens, is talking about Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, and there is nothing here to be cunning and wise. People are concerned, even worried, what will happen after 2024 and I understand why. Most importantly — if they want people to put in law the possibility for the incumbent President be re-elected to this position already in compliance with the renewed Constitution. Moreover, we do not predetermine in advance, no one knows what will happen in 2024, what will be the situation, will I have that opportunity. I don’t know whether Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin to participate in these elections. What I do know is the mere existence of this possibility for the incumbent President,” said Tereshkova.

Putin with the idea agreed, though with an important caveat: “This option would be possible, but under one condition: if the constitutional court of the Russian Federation will give a formal conclusion that such an amendment would not be contrary to the principles and fundamental provisions of the basic law”.

In the end, the idea of Valentina Tereshkova became the total package of amendments to the Constitution. In case of approval of amendments people vote on 22 April Putin will have the opportunity to go to 2024 to the polls. This turn immediately affected the results of public opinion polls. So, according to VTSIOM, if on March 6 for a package of amendments to the Constitution were ready to vote 42% March 11 — 64%. The increase in the third.

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