Kiselev commented on the scandalous

In China, except the dead people, the coronavirus has already inflicted huge damage to the economy of the country. Only according to rough estimates cited by the American TV channel CNN, financial loss of approximately $ 60 billion, and the economic growth is decreased by two points.

However, this – rather — the result of bloated reaction of the world to what is happening in China. And interested in such a reaction, especially the US, who are with PRC bitter trade war. Coronavirus and exaggerated fear — American allies.

And really, if the expense of the Chinese victims of the coronavirus in China in the hundreds, it is raging right now in USA American flu has claimed since October of last year has at least ten thousand lives, and maybe twenty-five thousand. These are the official us Federal Agency CDC (Centers for control and prevention of diseases of the USA). This variation from ten thousand us victims of influenza and twenty-five thousand, the Agency explains with disarming simplicity.

“the Centers for control and prevention of diseases do not have data on the exact number of cases of influenza and affected by it, as in most areas of the United States of this kind statistics are not maintained. However, these estimates are the result of the use of mathematical models based on available data regarding the number of laboratory-confirmed hospitalizations,” — said the Agency.

that means in America now believe died from your flu with accuracy up to tens of thousands — with an estimated range from ten thousand to 25 thousand. But in the United States every Chinese is on the account, as well as in China, but each died of the virus, the Chinese are much worse for the world than thousands of deaths from influenza for Americans. Otherwise, why only the Chinese at all now is it? And why China and Chinese are now demonized as never, PribramAya is in a world frightened?

But China is now showing an unprecedented openness, not accessible organization and incredible speed, leads the battle at the epicenter of infection and throughout its territory, constraining the spread of infection worldwide. The struggle deserves solidarity and the highest praise. It is only natural that President Putin sent to the leader of China XI Jinping a telegram with words of sympathy and support on what informs the Kremlin press-service “the Russian Head of state expressed confidence that thanks to the decisive measures taken by the Chinese government, the spread of the epidemic will be stopped, and the damage from it is minimized. The President of Russia expressed readiness to provide the friendly Chinese people needed assistance and said that the Russian competent authorities are focused on close cooperation with relevant Chinese entities in order to overcoming this common threat.”

This support is especially valuable against the background of what is facing China in the West. Worth at least the caricature of the Chinese flag that appeared in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, where instead of gold stars on a red background — yellow symbols of coronavirus. Cynical. Editor in chief Jacob Nybro refused to apologize. “We can’t apologize for something that does not believe is wrong. We have no intention to humiliate or ridicule, we do not think that this is due to the pattern,” he said.

I do Not think that if, God forbid, something sad happened in Denmark, and someone would when this tragedy as a caricature to project on the Danish flag, the Danes would have been nice.

Text: “News of the week”