Kiselev commented on the excitement of the British from the words of Putin

on 14 February President of Russia Vladimir Putin ordered to start preparations for a nationwide vote on amendments to the Russian Constitution. Organised by the Central election Commission.

the 13th in Novo-Ogaryovo Putin held a meeting with the working group on preparation of amendments. In just a month they already offered more than five hundred. There are very significant constitutional approving of Putin’s line on the preservation of our country and our cultural foundations.

So, the actor Vladimir Mashkov offers rule on the constitutional ban on alienation of Russian territory. Putin’s idea is really like. “In the foreign press, especially near border areas, skips the words of some foreign scientists: “as long as Putin is President, there’s nothing we can do. But after the presidency will pass to another person will have an excellent wording – “window of opportunity”. Opportunities to take, say, the Kuril Islands, who claim the territory of the Crimea, and someone even looks at Kaliningrad. In this regard, I can not accurately articulate lawyers will help and guide, I think it would be nice to fix in the Constitution the prohibition on alienation of Russian territory. Can not give, even to negotiate about this is impossible. Concrete”, — said Vladimir Mashkov, member of the working group on preparation of proposals on introducing amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

Yes, Mashkov as the water looks. While Putin, we worry about our land and sea, and if someone else, it is not clear what may develop. So it is better to the Constitution. Also in the Constitution it is better to drop a provision that would seem simple: a mother, a woman, and the man is the father. And the world has somehow crept.

“ten Years ago I definitely could not even imagine that instead of simple plain words “mom” and “dad” can come in some strange universal understment “parent number one and parent number two”. Today is not fiction today is a reality in several countries. Of course, not in our country. This is also probably caused by the desire of some authors who send us their amendments even in the Constitution directly stipulates that the family is the Union of a man and a woman,” said Olga batalina, a member of the working group on preparation of proposals on introducing amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

“Yes, we must think, and I basically agree. You just need to understand where and how to do it. Will allow you little to debate. Family, you said, is the Union of a man and woman. And if it is incomplete family, what then? It is necessary to clarify some things. Marriage is a Union between a man and a woman. With the family a little differently. As for “parent number one, parent number two”, I already said publicly and I repeat once again: while I am President, we will not have a “parent number one” will be mom and dad,” he said.

In England, on this occasion, already excited. The official representative of the Foreign Office at the request of RIA Novosti to comment on Putin’s words said in a special letter that “in the UK are proud of the fact that same-sex marriages where legal and welcomed, the UK will continue to defend the rights of LGBT people around the world.” Well, they will continue, and we something like, the old fashioned way, so to speak.

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