Become a member of the jury of the show “Mask” Philip has shared his feelings after the end of the project. The finals the audience could see on Sunday, April 26. The winner was declared Anatoliy Tsoy – that he was hiding under the mask of a Lion. While viewers are sad and expect to see a second season, Kirkorov recognized after the end of the “Mask” he sighed with relief.

“Now I began to sleep well and not to explore the media space in search for possible candidates on the show. I already miss the phone calls with Valeria, when we regularly discussed the issues and assumptions”, – he said on his personal page in Instagram.

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Philip admitted – through participation in the project has been a true pleasure. As regards specifically his area of responsibility, the man sure he was with his task at 100 and am very grateful to the creators of “the Mask” for the opportunity to participate. Choi king of the pop scene wished to conquer the music Olympus. In the opinion of the contractor, Anatolia will be a big success, because the guy he is “worthy, talented and promising.”