Sergei Kiriyenko has congratulated the participants of the festival “Big change” and all students.

“I would Like to say thankyou to everyone who helps to make your child happy. First and foremost, your parents. We had an amazing school year, when the last few months, all the training went out of the house and many parents know how difficult the work of the teacher and teacher – said Sergey Kiriyenko. – Let’s say “Thank you!” to our teachers who have coped with this challenge did not stop classes from your home, mastering new computer technologies”.

he Also appealed to the students: “learning Mode online each of you has made more responsible, and therefore slightly more Mature. You yourself had to manage the training, your schedule, and resist the temptation to engage in personal Affairs. But it makes a person an adult is a choice. Because everything in life depends on you”.

Sergei Kiriyenko announced that the contest “Big break” was attended by more than 600 thousand students, and every day there are new proposals.

Soon comes the stage of case solving, the tasks for it gives the largest Russian companies – partners of “Big change.” Another feature of the competition is unlike any other Olympiad, the tests are designed so that each teen will be able to find opportunities for implementation. In the competition 9 thematic areas dedicated to art and creativity, science and technology, journalism, volunteering, historical memory, travel, urban environment, healthy lifestyle and ecology.

“the purpose of the contest “Big break” – to challenge each of you to try yourself in different directions. Every person is talented. The only question is to understand what your talents and not be afraid to try their hand and act. The task of the state, schools, parents – all of us together, to create the conditions to ensure that the talent of each person was implemented. Russia for this, in truth, the land of opportunities”, – said Sergey Kiriyenko.

He also said that the festival announced the start of the next stage of the competition “the Good is not going on vacation”, and thanked all those who over the past few months have participated in volunteer work.

“the Regime of isolation for a large number of people with disabilities or the elderly has created serious limitations. We are very grateful to the hundreds of thousands of individuals who helped close relatives, neighbors or strangers for the elderly who really need this help. Thank you for what is involved in this work. I am absolutely sure that this has benefited not only those you help, but also yourself. After all, the biggest step forward we de��AEM, not when you help us, and when we have the opportunity to help others. At this moment you are getting older and make their own decisions”, – concluded the first Deputy head of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation.

the Contest “Big break” – the project of the presidential platform “Russia – country of opportunities” was launched on March 28. Participation is open to pupils of 8-10 classes. Registration is open on the site until June 23.

the First phase of the competition is remote. After testing the contestants perform a creative task, and then expect them to work with cases, internal competitions and the finals, which will take place in October. To join the contest and begin testing students will be able to 23 June, all jobs will be available.

In the semi-finals of the competition will be 6000 students, finalists will be 1200 people, and the winners will be 300 students in grades 8-9 and 300 tenth graders. Only from 20 July to 14 September will be held 18 in-person tests, and the final will be held in October this year.

Students of the 10th grade will receive a prize of 1 million rubles, which they can send on tuition, and, in case of receipt in the budget Department, for mortgages or business start-up, up to 5 points for a portfolio of achievements for admission to the University.

Pupils of 8-9 classes including amount of 200 thousand rubles. These funds can be spent on further education and acquisition of educational gadgets.

All finalists of the contest (1200 people) will receive vouchers to Artek, one of the leading educational centers of the country. The top 20 schools will receive financial support (2 million rubles) to create educational opportunities and technical equipment.

the organizers of the contest “Big break” are ANO “Russia – country of opportunities”, project “Proektoriya”, Russian movement of students and fgbu “Repatriants”.

the Contest is supported by Ministry of education of the Russian Federation and Federal Agency on youth Affairs.