Nomination Kirilenko in the Udmurt Republic is not accidental. After all, our best basketball player in the post-Soviet history, honored master of sports, European champion in 2007 and bronze medalist of the Olympic games 2012 was born in the capital of the Republic Izhevsk. Kirilenko is the President of the League from August 2015.

– basketball Federation “Udmurtia” fully supports the basic directions of work of the League when Kirilenko – said the President of the national Federation Marat Ziatdinov. We see changes and positive trend. All sports basketball events are held on a qualitatively new level. Great attention is paid to the development of children’s and mass basketball: here I want to mention the children’s festival “Mini-basket” and the championship of Russia among veterans. Of great importance for popularization of basketball is the annual forum “Expo-basket”. Andrey – our fellow countryman, he was born here, and we are pleased to nominate him for the presidency of the RBF. Of course, there’s a lot of work. But we are confident that the current team of the RBF with the support of the regions is ready to solve tasks.

of Course, until 20 August, there is still time, and other candidates also may be nominated in the manner prescribed in the Charter of the RBF. However, if you look at the situation in its current objective reality, the alternatives Kirilenko, by and large, no. Yes, and one presidential term is clearly not enough time to make all the plans,. Much work remains, and Kirilenko is well aware.

In his favor, says at least the fact that this is not a “Desk” Manager. The former basketball player still mobile, quick to rise. Kirilenko travels a lot on business trips travels to various regions of the country, meeting with representatives of the local federations, clubs, government, learns directly about the existing problems and helping to solve them.

In recent years, the RBF with the direct participation Kirilenko has launched many new projects and programs for the development of basketball in Russia. These include training camps for young players, coaching and referees workshops, tournaments, Junior NBA, powerful in scope, the annual festival “Expo-basket”, a specialized channel “World of Basketball”. From the recent activities of the Federation it is possible to allocate a formal registered of the Ministry of sports of Russia of the championship of Russia on interactive basketball and cyberbunker 3×3. Plus, we note a joint program of the League and one of the largest banks, aimed at supporting children’s sport in the territorial subjects of Russia, in particular, the construction in different cities of the country’s seven centres for the development of 3×3 basketball.

Due to the authority Kirilenko in the world basketball Russia significantly strengthened its positions and influence in the International Federation BAscybala (FIBA). At the moment our country has a record number of representatives in the compositions of the governing bodies and working commissions of FIBA and FIBA continental Europe. Kirilenko leads the Department’s FIBA 3×3 basketball.

by the Way, for the last three years, the RFB had escaped among the clear leaders in this new Olympic sport: men’s and women’s team received direct trips to the Games in Tokyo, we have a well-built system of competition 3×3 basketball, which allowed Russia to take first place in the world rankings.

Despite all the difficulties and objective problems with the training of players in the country, there is progress on the level of teams, first of all, backup. So, the women’s national team U-19 for the first time in history won the world Cup (in 2017, in Italy), winning the final of formidable rivals from the United States. And the last full season (2019) was for our reserve teams one of the most successful in Russian history, i.e. for the period since 1993. In four of the six Championships in various age categories Russia is among the strongest quartets in the final classifications, and for the first time in the history of both teams up to the age of 16 he qualified for the world Championships, and the girls did it in the status of the strongest in the Old world.