Colored diamonds are the most expensive and rare. 10 thousand diamonds mined gem quality is found only one color. And colored stones of large size and much less – about once a year. The rarest and most expensive of them pink and blue. Diamonds faceted from such crystals can cost tens of millions of dollars.

In 2017 ALROSA has produced a unique pink diamond weighing carats of 27.9, from which ohreneli the largest in the history of Russia pink diamond (14.8 per carat). This stone may be the most expensive in the history of Russian cut. The official price never been voiced, but experts called approximate cost of 60 million dollars.

This pink diamond was also mined in Belaha. Here in 2017 was found and a bright yellow crystal with a weight of 34.2 carats. It is made from diamond ALROSA sold world famous jewellery brand Graff.

Yellow and brown diamonds are the most common color. However, such a large diamond, which is now produced, is a truly unique find. Specialists of the company carried out its evaluation. They will decide whether to make the stone a few diamonds or sell it in uncut form.

the diamond cutters will be claimed by any country, as it has potential to produce several high-quality brilliants, the Director of “ALROSA Diamonds” Paul Pinigin.