as King Philippe will be on Wednesday and 60. He will have this milestone celebrated in the intimate circle of home, with queen Mathilde of belgium (47), and their four teenage children. The prince is holding his birthday, aware, humble, and because he was of the bells and whistles are inappropriate in the coronacrisis.

The royal palace Wednesday morning, a message on the social media sites on the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary celebrations of king Philip. Of more interest will be the at no epoch in his life, given the bizarre circumstances in which the country and its people are. Schools and businesses are closed, people are isolated, social life in the end of October, this is not the time to joligheid, he says.

He will have his birthday party at home, spend time at the royal castle of Laeken. He will no doubt wish to congratulate you for getting his wife queen Mathilde and their four children, Elizabeth (18), Gabriel (16), and Emmanuel (14), Eléonore (11). Over the past three years, the royal family, during the easter holidays, is still on the pilgrimage to Compostela. Now you have the coronacrisis, just like anyone else, “on their side” will continue.

Not a garden party.

would He have been its sixtieth anniversary in Copenhagen, and here. The Danish queen Margrethe is 80, and wanted to have Wednesday evening extended celebration, with the foreign royals and distinguished guests at a gala dinner. The decision as to which dinner party and other festivities, and the Danish people to be guests, and it was from the previous month, was made after the outbreak of the corona virus.

king Philip, the celebration of his own birthday will have to make adjustments. He would be the next month, with a huge garden party in a bed Sheet to organize, for which he had hundreds of Belgians wanted the invite is that, just like he was sixty, will be on the 15th of april. The event does not take place. It is unclear as to whether it is at a later point in time, when god shall be organized, to be organized.

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the Thursday, it is once again a feast in the Room. One day, after He is the youngest of the four children year: Eléonore 12.

Eléonore, the day after her father Philip’s birthday. Photo: Belga < / P>

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