the Five crowns

Want to be no king? It is a fact that An absolute Overshoot, there is not currently.

Four crowns

Although Joel Wicki (22) is countered on the South-Western Swiss from the Canton of Vaud Mikael Matthey, and leaves of the Lucerne overall, the strongest impression. With Patrick Räbmatter and David Schmid he puts two Federal Kranzer on the cross. The winner of Matthias Aeschbacher (27) not while Sami is found Giger, a Swiss confederates defeated in Leukerbad, but. The five-time season winner Armon Orlik (24) rises after a short break from competition next Saturday at the white stone put on their drill trousers.

Triple crowns

after a miserable start to the season getting better and better in the journey: In fifth gear, he comes up against Christian Schuler (27) under the wheels. But after the indecisive Conclusion of the path between Schuler and the Thurgau Domenic Schneider (25) inherits the Obwalden Chancellery of the Rigi-the feast of victory. But: an absolute Top man he is not on the score sheet. The same applies to the second-placed Nick Alpiger (22) . The sensation-the winner of the intra-Swiss-part of the Association must be satisfied against Andi Ulrich and Michael Gwerder with Provided.

Two crowns

After the Victories at Zug, URI, and Lucerne Cantonal Pirmin Reichmuth (23) in a Mini-fall crisis: Because of the Zuger hurt after the first defeat of the season against Benji von Ah on the intra-Swiss Training on the thigh, says he and his Rigi-participation. the Sami Giger (21) can not be his guest in the South-West Switzerland its reputation to be the strongest Short – Züger, the Confederation-the Thurgauer after Aeschbacher also the four-fold Wreath Michael leather man. Up a good impression with Christian Stucki, in the first vibration training, according to the interior ligament of leaves.


According to the quantitative results in the June Familiar of Kilian Wenger (29) to announce that the king of 2010, in July and August, regular fire will ignite works. In the Bernese Oberland in Interlaken, there is little to be seen: After the draw against Fabian Staudenmann (19) loses Wenger against Michael Wiget (20).

23. to 25. August dominate giants, sawdust, and put on their drill trousers, Switzerland – the Swiss Federal wrestling and Alpine sport festival in train. Here you will find everything you need to know about the Mega-Event.