Dmitry Entaltsev and Anna chipovskaya in the TV series “Locked up.”

Kirill Serebrennikov a film about Peter Tchaikovsky, Halle berry apologizes to transgender people, and Paulina Andreeva prepares us for a new film about Tsoi — tell what happened in the film world for a week.

Paulina Andreeva sweetheart in the role of Viktor Tsoy

Paulina Andreeva has shared a photo from the filming of “47” on the cult Soviet rock musician Viktor Tsoi, who died in 1990. In the film by Alexei Uchitel, the actress played beloved artist — Natalia Razlogova.

the Plot is built around the driver, the bus is 15 August 1990 crashed car Tsoi. Not heard any songs of the musician which went crazy the whole country, the driver has no idea that this fateful clash will forever change his life.

the role of the driver was played by Yevgeny Tsyganov, among other actors, Maryana Spivak, Igor Vernik, Hope Kalganova. It was expected that the premiere will be timed to the 20th anniversary of the death of Viktor Tsoi, but because of the pandemic, the release tape rental indefinitely postponed.

Paulina Andreeva on the set of the movie “47”

Released the first teaser of the mini-series “We are who we are” from the Director of “Tell me your name” Luke Guadagnino

HBO has released the first teaser of the mini-series “We are who we are” (We Are Who We Are) directed by Luke Guadagnino, gave us a poignant love story of Elio and Oliver under the scorching sun of Italy (waiting for the sequel!).

Of the 20-second video is difficult to understand the twists and turns of the plot, but the creators said that the series will be devoted to teenagers, first love and self-determination. Together with their parents-military 14-year-old Fraser moved to Italy, where making new friends on an army base. Kathleen Harper them all feel the couple, but in fact, Fraser misses her friend Mark, who remained in new York, and casts languid glances to a local soldier Jason. All this against the backdrop of the tranquil Italian landscape in the height of summer, when the air seems to breathe passion.

Guadagnino took the first two series and the final, on the script he worked with Paolo Giordano and Francesca of Manjeri. Starring new actors, the stars of the project — Chloe sevigny.

it is Expected that the series premiere will take place this fall. Meanwhile, to follow the news of the project in his lovely instagram.

Anna chipovskaya and Dmitry Entaltsev find out the relationship in screenlife series Locker

the Quarantine has ended (or began again), and artistic statements on the subject continue to flow from the horn of plenty. Replenishment to the shelf “coronavirus” projects series “Locked up” with Anna Chipovskaya and does Endelave in the lead roles. Actors who meet in real life, played a couple undergoing a painful break-up.

In the center of the plot — two young men who break up because of infidelity, but are forced to stay together in isolation for two more weeks. Within the four walls of mutual claims aggravated and old and new resentments transform the lives of the characters in the tent.

the Series made relevant to shumoizolyatsionnogo art technology screenlife, that is what is happening on the screen we see the “eyes” of smartphones and social networks.

written and directed by Ivan Petukhov, the writer of the last parts of the “Trees” in the creation of project involved and the production company of Timur Bekmambetov’s Bazelevs.

There will be 10 episodes, each about 5-7 minutes. The premiere will take place July 28 on the platform Okko.

Dmitry Entaltsev and Anna chipovskaya in the series “Lockdown”

Halle berry appeared in the scandal center from-for “transgendered question”

Rules of the so-called “new ethics” has not yet developed to the end, but because many, even the best of intentions, getting into a mess. This is what happened to 53-year-old actress Halle berry, which was criticized for ignorant remarks on the subject of transgenderism.

it all Started with the fact that during the live broadcast on instagram, the star said he wants to play TRANS person — a woman who commits transgender transition:

I want to experience this world, I want to understand it.

I’m Sure the desire was motivated and active citizenship actress, who for many years supported the rights of LGBT+, but a gust of stars not appreciated, because transsubjective has long advocated the idea that the role of transgender people must fulfill themselves transgender person.

on Twitter to the actress publicly asked Samantha Feder, author of a documentary “Exposing” about transgender actors in Hollywood:

People often do not know that they in something do not understand. This is normal. Halle berry, please, before to play the role of transpersonal, see “Exposing”.

To Feder is joined by other famous people and activists of the LGBT movement, which called for Halle berry to drop out. Actress to the advice listened and released a public apology:

this weekend I spoke about his desire to play a transgender man, and now I want to apologize for my words. Now I understand that as cisgender woman should not aspire to such a role and what the transgender community needs to be able to tell their stories.

I appreciate the help and criticism in this matter. I will continue to listen, andto sucati this topic and will learn from his mistake. I swear to be an ally and use your voice to promote wider representation on the screen — as in the scene, and behind the scenes,

— wrote the actress.

Yevgeny Mironov will play Pyotr Tchaikovsky

Yevgeny Mironov will play the composer Peter Tchaikovsky in this short film by Kirill Serebrennikov.

just a week will receive two days of shooting, Kirill Serebrennikov, where I play Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky. This is a pilot project, the stage of Tchaikovsky with his wife,

— said Mironov reporters.


the Actor said that the project of Okko video platform that offered Serebrennikov to remove the short film “my unfulfilled dream.” Maybe the project will later become feature films and television movies.

no Other details yet, but last year, Mironov told that pieces of silver during his house arrest he wrote the script of the series about the wife of Tchaikovsky Antonina.

Interestingly, Yevgeny Mironov has played Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky in another work by Kirill Serebrennikov — a short film Phonograph 2016, which was filmed for the charity Fund “B. E. L. A. butterfly Children”.

Note that the artistic Director of “Gogol-center”, in addition to the short film about the great Russian composer, in the work of several projects: in the final stage, “Petrov the flu” based on the novel of Alexey Salnikov, in the initial — based on the novel by Olivier guez’s “the Disappearance of Josef Mengele” of the real German doctor that performed horrific experiments on prisoners at Auschwitz.

Kirill Serebrennikov