The great Schweiger Kimi 40 years old is Raikkonen on Thursday in Baar ZG. The Finnish world champion of 2007 in a Ferrari got in 2001 for Clean in the formula 1. Since then, the Star with 309 race is known worldwide as a favorite of Fans with his most famous sentence: “I don’t know!” VIEW bat two times the father of a family to the Mini-Interview. 39 Times, Kimi had to reply. Once he was allowed to pull his Joker (“I don’t know”): “I don’t know …”

Senna or Schumacher?
Schumacher Third child?
Why not! the bath or shower?
shower The postcode of place of residence Baar ZG?
6340 (right) Twitter, Facebook or Instagram?
Instagram and Twitter dog or cat?
dog Motocross or rally?
Motocross polar light or the afterglow?
the sunset favorite number?
7 Pasta or Pizza?
Pizza Cockpit-protective “Halo” or not?
halo Steak or fish?
Steak, Sauna, or ice bath?
Sauna Hamilton or Verstappen?
Verstappen What is the Finnish Band Sunrise Avenue or Lordi?
Lordi beer or wine?
beer books or contracts?
treaties Heimort Espoo or place of residence Baar?
Espoo Sushi or reindeer stew?
Sushi James Bond or James Hunt?
, James Hunt Snus or cigarettes?
Snus Interviews or dentist?
the dentist Wet or dry race?
Wet Spa or Suzuka?
Spa (where he four times won) TV or in the cinema?
TV How often your wife gets flowers?
Twice a year Switzerland or Finland?
the Joker (“I don’t know”) the very First private car?
Lada blonde, or Black?
I May still have a Joker? the are you still Driving with 42?
Everything depends on the Fun. the Tattoos or Piercing?
Tattoos What Season you love the most?
Winter Grid Girls or Grid Boys?
, The question has to? be a joke your best friend in formula 1
(thinks long) Gino! (the canadian is the grey Eminence at Ferrari) Turbo or naturally aspirated engines?
Turbo mountains or the beach?
mountains Have you ironed a shirt?
, of Course. the Raclette or Fondue?
Not my thing Test, or a fitness room?
the advantage of Testing Are you ready for 40 more questions?

PS. In modern formula 1 from 1970, only four of the riders with 40 and more years of championship points fetched: Graham Hill, Clay Regazzoni, Nigel Mansell and Michael Schumacher. Kimi could be on 27. October in Mexico City, the fifth driver. However, the last five races in the Alfa remained of the fin-Clean with no counter!