Kim Jong UN missing North Korea caused by the Chinese doctors

amid rumors about the health problems of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN the information that China sent to North Korea a delegation of medical experts and diplomats, have acquired special significance.

report the visit to the DPRK of the Chinese delegation, Reuters cites three people “familiar with the situation”. According to available data, headed by a senior functionary of the Department of international relations of the Communist party of China’s medical team and diplomats left Beijing for North Korea on Thursday.

What is the purpose of sending this delegation to North Korea, remains unclear. But that trip comes at a time when Kim Jong-UN has not appeared in public since April 12 and was not even spotted at the birthday celebration of the founder of the Korean people’s Democratic Republic, his grandfather Kim Il-sung, forcing closely monitor what is happening North of the 38th parallel on the Korean Peninsula.

the Majority of serious observers with great skepticism took the allegations emerged from very muddy sources, that the state of health of Kim Jong-UN is very heavy, and that the head of the DPRK allegedly underwent heart surgery.

in Seoul, and Beijing has denied reports that after the operation, Kim Jong UN is in grave danger. The representatives of South Korea said they found no signs of unusual activity in North Korea.

However, in this regard, the press widely discussed the prospects of the “reign” of the DPRK in the absence of Kim for one reason or another, his younger sister Kim yo-Jong.

meanwhile, the same Reuters, citing a South Korean source reports that, according to special services of South Korea, Kim Jong-UN is alive and soon plans to appear in public. In the end, it is enough to recall that the North Korean leader is not the first time disappears from the field of view of the General public. In 2014, he disappeared more than a month. Later, North Korean state television showed him, and it was seen that the head of the DPRK is lame.

Earlier Friday in Western and South Korean media were also suggestions that North Korean leader fled Pyongyang to avoid infection with coronavirus and recuperate on the East coast of the country.

In particular, the South Korean Newsis news service expressed the view that Kim Jong-UN could be evacuated in the city of Wonsan in Kangwon province, where he may direct at the place of work in the construction of resort facilities. According to this information, in the area observed the activity of specialized transport, the special train Kim was spotted in Wonsan, while his personal plane remained in Pyongyang.

At an earlier stage of the pandemic coronavirus in late February, Kim was in the area vons out��, engaged in the management of military Affairs. Kim might be back in Wonsan after the figures of the workers ‘ party of Korea was quarantined for suspected infection, suggests Newsis.

At the same time a member of the Committee on national defense of the Parliament of South Korea said that Kim probably “feels good” after he left Pyongyang amid suspected outbreak Covid-19.

In turn, the South Korean television network MBC announced that Kim Jong UN may have already left Wonsan and traveled to an unknown place in South Hamgyong province. There Kim can manage work on Tanoshi plant, or to visit the artillery unit Sondage, where in March has been tested rockets of near radius of action.