the Head of North Korea Kim Jong-UN infuriated transferred across the border of leaflets, which said about shooting his wife Lee Sol-Ju in a pornographic film. It is reported Daily Mail. Just after the appearance of this party flyers Kim Jong-UN gave the order to blow up the costly inter-Korean liaison office in Kaesong.

British newspaper publishes an example of such leaflets – counter-products are sending from South Korea to the North in balloons.

as a confirmation of the reasons for the wrath of Kim Jong-UN gives the following quotation from an interview with TASS, Russian Ambassador to North Korea Alexander Matsegora that the leaflets were “unscrupulous, abusive propaganda aimed at the spouse of the head”.

the Wife of Kim Jong-UN Lee Sol-Ju so secret that not even known the year of her birth (the late eighties). The head of North Korea married her – again-about – in 2009. Children the couple seems to be three.

the First lady graduated from Korea University with a strange specialty, and she was born in the family of a doctor and a teacher. Credit Lee Sol-Ju put that it contributed to the lifting of the ban for women to ride a bike.

If the history of pornolistesi is true, then, it appears that Kim Jong-UN loves his wife enough times decided to blow up a liaison office.