Kilmeade claims that children are the ones who have suffered most under mandations

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade spoke out about the effects mandates have had upon children during Saturday’s ” one Nation” and asked whether Democrat-run States are now lifting restrictions due to “politics.”

BRIAN KILMEADE – COVID 19, ladies, and gentlemen is over. It might be, and thanks to those who sat behind me and didn’t follow their rules, it may be. Let’s take a look at the facts, shall we? Even though it’s impossible to do so, I had to have my hair cut. I will make sure that all children, especially teens, wear masks. But I won’t. Mayor Garcetti? Yes, I am taking a picture at NFC Championship without a mask, but I don’t think so. London Breed was twice caught on camera getting distracted by the music and caught up with the game. He wasn’t wearing a mask, but he did smile big. Gavin Newsom is the governor who eats out when you don’t have to and doesn’t wear masks. He lied because he claimed it was Magic Johnson’s favor. We saw him again, but he was not wearing the mask that belonged to Magic Johnson. Boris Johnson was the one who had the nerve to take control of his whole country and to have 16 photos and parties to prove it. I don’t know how that guy has a job.

Yet, the damage has not been done to our children, the ones that matter the most. A new study shows that children recognize faces differently to adults than they do for their own. Their masks make it difficult for them to navigate social situations. Even Dr. Vivek Murthy the surgeon general admitted that children are suffering and taking the worst of it in school.
Mandates are ending in many American cities. Blue states New York and Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, Nevada, Connecticut… The good news is that cities are opening again despite what the White House wants. The question is: Is this science-based or political?