The head of the National space Agency of Ukraine (NSAU) Vladimir Usov said that the country’s forces without money in the coming years to ensure independent access to space and become a serious player in the space market through unique and innovative projects. He told about it in interview of radio station “Voice of America”, video available in Facebook.

According to Usova, it is possible to do without the own cosmodrome, using ground and air starts light and ultra light missiles.

“we are Talking about that can be used in planes like Antonov and other aircraft, Il-76, located on the territory of Ukraine, which will be used for the air-launched light missiles and will not be dependent on special infrastructure,” — said Usov, adding that the project can be implemented in three to four years.

According to Ukrainian officials, in space no longer dominate superpower, because it creates a global market in which compete with various companies offering their services and products. That is why the plans NSAU — space ecosystem.

“there will be Ukrainian space market, which will place both for the players public values and private companies, start-UPS, international corporations,” — shared the idea of the Mustache.

He said that with the support of the state from September to Ukraine to work the accelerator space for startups.

In addition, according to Usov, Ukraine plans to negotiate with NASA about how to take part in the program of development of the Moon Artemis.

On 27 may, the Secretary of the national security Council and defense of Ukraine Alexey Danilov allowed the emergence of conflicts in space. He announced the expansion of cooperation with the US in defence and cybersecurity.