Kiera Knightley - 35: what the viewers love the actress

Two nominations for “Oscar”

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Knightley was twice one step away from the most prestigious film award. In 2006, the actress was nominated for the role of Elizabeth Bennet in “Pride and prejudice”, and in 2015 – for the role of Joan Clarke in “the imitation Game”. Both characters are psychologically complex personality. It is these and likes keira Knightley. Her ideal would be not sexy beauty dummy, and women with a rich inner world full of experiences and aspirations. Believe Knightley will get his deserved statuette.

Ability to overcome difficulties

keira Knightley – the face of the British Association of dyslexia (impaired reading ability). At the age of six she diagnosed. All the childhood she spent with the books, fighting for my dream. Knightley now reads slightly slower than a normal person, but this does not prevent her to be one of the best Actresses in Hollywood.

Another difficulty is the lack of grace. In spite of the sleek body type, movement, actress awkward. To obtain the role in “Anna Karenina”, she had to dance for 12 hours a day. Zero bust also caused a lot of criticism of the actress. A few years hard pressure and scrutiny will have an impact on the psychological state of the actress – she later admits to suffering from panic attacks. But now she smiles and enjoys life, not afraid to be herself.

Voice and smile

We talked about love Knightley to psychologically complex heroines. In 2013, he released the musical film “once in your life,” in which the actress played the singer with a difficult career the Gretta James. If you didn’t hear the song Coming Up Rose performed by Knightley, you probably turn the film and enjoy a wonderful. Well, and the wide smile of the actress is another pleasure. Here even the most callous will melt and will want to smile in response.

Love to break fashion rules

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keira Knightley for many years is one of the fashion houses. To see her in dresses and mini can be rarely. She likes closed styles, and Maxi length. In his spare time Knightley does not seek to emphasize their sexuality and go out without makeup. It gives her a charm and allows you to look several years younger. And yet the actress does not believe in superstitions and stereotypes. For a party in honor of the nominees for the BAFTA award she came in a wedding dress with a full skirt.

Unspoken rivalry with Portman

the Audience not once noticed the resemblance to keira Knightley and Natalie Portman. Even in the film “Star wars: episode I the phantom menace”, when the site was attended by both Actresses, the crew with difficulty distinguish them. Rumored, Knightley is even sometimes substituted for Portman. But that’s where the smile comes again keira Knightley – she immediately makes it clear that before us is the same beauty from “Pirates of the Caribbean”.