His face will soon be in 60 countries in the shelves. The new Bub on the packaging of the kids-chocolate is one of the most prominent faces of the advertising world. No wonder, it is replaced only very rarely. For 50 years, this is now the fourth Time the case.

that’s Why Ferrero has spared no expense. For two years, the company has fiddled with researchers at the new packaging concept and 6800 users in France, Germany, great Britain, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and China were interviewed. Then it was clear who will be the new children’s-Boy.

It shows only the end of your Nose

His name Ferrero holds a secret. They wanted to protect him from overly-large hype. For the first Time, you can’t see on the chocolate packaging is also the face of the young. Mischievous, he peeped out behind chocolate bars. The unknown Laughter is history. You can only see his Nose. (pbe)