the Ukrainian border guard was missing from the post “Den” on the border with Crimea. The incident occurred on may 30 at 5 in the morning, confirmed the Military service of law and order in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Looking for him for more than a day. According to the preliminary version, the man was kidnapped. It is reported that in the place of his disappearance were found signs of a struggle. Ukrainian journalist Yuri Butusov claims that border guards were forced to remain in the Crimea. In the Republic believe that paratrooper just deserted.

According to Butusova, the stolen name is Eugene dobrinskiy. He serves as the senior soldier of the 13th battalion of the 95th air assault brigade. As he was unarmed. But at 10 am on 31 may, after “kidnapping” in the battalion allegedly called the representative of the Russian security services, who said the personal data of the soldier. Colleagues Dobrinsky in one voice say that the desertion of the question. It has no ties to Crimea, but Ukraine had a wife and 4-year-old son. They live in Sarny Rivne region. Apparently, Dobrinsky will be made as trespasser.

However, this is not the first time that Ukrainian border guards are “the Russian prisoner”.

for Example, in October 2017, the two Ukrainian security officers from the Sumy region were in Russia. Then Kiev also tried to give the incident for kidnapping, but Ukrainian media reported that border guards went to the territory of the “enemy” with the Russians to celebrate in the bath a good deal. And it was not their first trip. The Russian government has not commented on the situation on the border between Crimea and Ukraine.

As told to “MK” chief editor of the magazine “national defense” Igor Korotchenko, on similar news coming from Kiev should respond as to the events in the Tent: “In Ukraine, there is complete chaos. It is not surprising that they were unarmed guards, who fled from his post. It is likely that they have a new Chernobyl happens. All that is happening in Ukraine is a consequence of the degradation of the country over the 30 years of its existence. The country has almost completely lost its statehood, leaving only its external attributes. This applies to everything from office of the President of Ukraine and ending with the border guards. It is obvious that such incidents will happen in the future. About the further destiny of the Ukrainian border guards will be judged only after an official clarification of the Russian border guards.”

However, not only Ukrainian security forces lost in the vastness of Russia. In 2016, two of the Crimean border guard – warrant officer Maxim Odintsov and Junior Sergeant Alexander Baranov – had been abducted by Ukrainian security forces. To do this, in Kiev RAsrabotala was a whole special operation. In particular, the Baranov promised to pass on the Ukrainian territory a higher education diploma. With this document he was hoping to go for a promotion, and Odintsov just went for the company, as soon he was going to retire. In the process of completion of the transaction and caught them. Back home the guards were only able to in September 2019 due to large-scale exchange of detainees between Ukraine and Russia.

Crimean activist Alexander Talipov told “MK” that Russia did not have the sense to openly steal Dobrinsky: “In the case of Dobrinski it is likely to go on pre-planned desertion. Thus it is necessary to wait for the official reviews from the FSB, to understand his fate. In addition, he most likely will tell you what, how and why did you decide to run away. In any case, it should be noted that the senior soldier is the figure that should be open to steal. Any classified information he has, and he is assisted by a maximum of 8-10 people. And if he represented some interest, it would be better to recruit. In favor of desertion is the fact that the soldiers were on duty without weapons. At least, he was obliged to bayonet, which is also numbered and is issued in the Armory. Apparently, he was tired of the foolishness and stupidity that prevail in the Ukrainian army. Silly that Ukraine decided to put the desertion as an abduction. So, if you believe the Ukrainian media, you can easily penetrate on the territory of the Republic, without firing a shot to steal military and unnoticed back home. What conclusion can be made about the defense of Ukraine, if this is possible to do it with a paratrooper?”