In Balashikha two year old boy fell from the window of the ninth floor. At the time of the fall in the room with him were both of his parents and older brother. “It all happened in a matter of seconds, we even pull did not. Here he played the window, and a moment later it’s gone,” – said then the mother of the child. Well, that at the entrance were planted with flowers and soft shrubs the front garden, in the midst of the greenery and landed a fallen child. It helped him to survive.

several days later, a similar tragedy happened in the Metropolitan area of textile workers. And here the whole family was assembled. At some point mom and dad was distracted by dressing up the younger child, and older four year old daughter decided to look out the window and leaned on the mosquito net. The floor was the seventh, except that instead of a front garden under the Windows of the were located concrete apron located on the first floor of the Bank. To save the girl failed.

“most of the cases of child injuries associated with the oversight of adults” – sure Mironova. And oversight is not only in the fact that the baby ignored mom or dad, but in that open the Windows in the apartment are not protected.

last year, the President of the Institute of emergency children’s surgery and traumatology Leonid Roshal invited at discharge from the hospital with a gift set to give to parents of a newborn set of restrictors on the Windows. The idea was vigorously debated, she had many supporters, but in the end it got lost somewhere in the many bureaucratic offices. By the way, some conscious developers have long been rent housing in buildings with locks on the Windows, but it is not so massive. Children continue to fall.

“meanwhile, even if the child will survive after falling from a great height, still he will not be”, – said the doctor-neuro-surgeon Dmitry Shellsweet. He explains: the hardest part of the child is the head. In nine cases out of ten the kid falls head down, receiving a traumatic brain injury. “And every brain injury brings consequences – the child may disrupt coordination, can appear mental disorders” – lists the neurosurgeon.

Another very often fallen from the height of toddler aggravate the parents. The first thing they do is grab the child, you begin to feel, trying to bend-straighten limbs to understand whether there are any fractures. Any of these actions may lead to irreversible consequences – shifted fragments of injured bones, even more damaged internal organs, which can lead to death. One such is the caring dad stabbed son the lung by a broken rib. In the other case parents are so actively engaged in child first aid which is operable spinal injury, received a baby in the fall, has become incurable. “You must not touch the brow��ESA, fallen from a great height – like the doctor Shellsweet. – It is best to immediately call “ambulance” on these calls, she comes immediately.”

The simplest window limiter, the so – called comb, by which the window can be slightly open in a small width. Usually comes with double glazing and consists of bolts and plates with notches. The bolt is mounted on one window sash, a plate on the other. A comb and are limited, considering that it allows you to observe proper security. “But it is not, – says the master in the installation of Windows German Blinov. The comb is designed not for security, and for ventilation. It doesn’t give the wind to fully open the window, but the child can easily remove it from the bolt”. According to the master, the comb is still better than nothing, but the safety of children, it does not guarantee. By the way, it is not like 50-100 rubles.

Much more secure than cable locks. Cost about 500 rubles, work on the same principle as comb, but a metal cable, it is impossible neither to remove nor to break, nor stretch. That is, whatever the kid with the window wider than the predetermined length of the cable it will not open. “We all customers with children, we offer these clamps, many agree, but it happens, and say: we have Roman blinds, your retainer all the beauty spoils,” says Blinov.

Those who do not want to spoil the beauty, we can offer frames with locks built right into the window handle. Under this system, the window does not open, but the locks are worth up to 700 rubles, says the master, very popular with parents of preschoolers and younger students, which has already left at home alone. Children of this age out of curiosity, the window no longer moves, but may accidentally fall out of them when playing. The lock ensures that this will not happen.

“And last year released safe mosquito nets”, – continues to share professional secrets Herman Blinov. They are bolted to the frame with bolts and consists of alternating horizontal bands, one of which is a conventional mosquito net, and a second durable transparent plastic, not torn and do not stretch. Mosquito bands broad enough to allow fresh air, and not enough to them to fall out. Are the nets about 2.5 thousand rubles for a standard window.

Most of the Windows fall out children from two to four years. In 30% of cases it occurs in front of the parents, 70% within the first 15 minutes after the kid was left unattended.