Khusnullin warned about the growth of the number of defrauded investors

the Number of defrauded real estate investors will increase in 2020, said Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin .

“this year the number of shareholders will increase. When switching to the escrow account exactly the number of distressed homes will be added,” — said Khusnullin at a national conference.

the Federal housing operator “House.Of the Russian Federation” it is entrusted to control the situation. In the regions it is planned to create a Commission to solve and protracted state.

“to Initiate new projects despite the fact that we have 5 trillion rubles, “unfinished”, is a crime. Ask each Manager to create the corresponding Commission,” he said.

According to “the House.RF”, only 26 percent of housing in Russia built with the use of escrow accounts. In General, there are 2.4 thousand developers. The area of houses that were allowed to build under the old rules without the use of escrow accounts, amounts to 68.4 million square meters.

In the unified register of objects of concern 2 975 houses, or 17,428 million square meters of housing.

Not all developers are willing to work under the new rules. From 1 July 2019, they are required to work on escrow accounts in banks that host the citizens ‘ money. A construction company cannot access the money until the work is done, and the house erected at the expense of Bank credits.