Khripun: Increased readiness of Moscow is a precaution to the spread of coronavirus

Photo: Press center of the Department of health of Moscow In Moscow, introduced the mode of increased readiness for the prevention of coronavirus

To the same reasonable attitude of the city authorities urged Muscovites. In particular, this justifies and advice to anyone returning from countries where the coronavirus has spread, to establish for themselves a regime of self-isolation for 14 days. The hospital at this time, as reported by “RG”, can bring home the courier. To sit at home citizens are urged not because we have not enough hospitals, said Alexei Khripun, answering the question of “Echo of Moscow”, but because the city’s 12 million residents and approximately the same or even more visitors and working in the capital residents. Of course, as many hospitals, how much to put in them all a number of people, the city does not, and it is not necessary. But even before the problems with the coronavirus authorities began modernization of health care. It is because the beginning of the outbreak of dangerous infections in Moscow was fully prepared ultra-modern hospital of a thousand beds in Kommunarka. It was there in those days moved the Muscovites, under the medical supervision of the city infectious diseases hospital N 1, the terms which rightly complained patients. Itself this hospital is in the process of reconstruction – there will be built a new building in compliance with new modern standards 600 beds. Ready project and will soon begin construction of a new children’s infectious diseases hospital.

“All the city’s measures are designed primarily to maintain the normal life of the metropolis,” – said Alexei Khripun.